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Episode 51: Lights, Camera, Action: How Video Continues To Be A Driving Force In Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with two-time guest Jeremias "JMAN" Maneiro. JMan drives home the point of how important and valuable video is for real estate agents. Our very own Becca Matulonis joins us as well to add to this very fun episode..


Episode 50: What A P.O.S.: Learn How Point Of Sale Systems Help Businesses Grow

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Joe DiCostanzo and our very own Becca Matulonis. They discuss the importance of point of sale systems for businesses and how they help manage all aspects of the daily operations.


Episode 49: Not So Hard Software: An Exciting New Revolutionizing Tool For Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with a previous guest and top agent Brian McGowan and software developer Joe Crescenzi. They discuss an exciting new revolutionizing real estate tool that will help find deals with ease.


Episode 48: The Law of the Loan: Understanding How Real Estate Loans Are Negotiated

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Dan Marotta of Gabor & Marotta Law. Dan is a real estate lawyer and a long time friend. Here they discuss loans and how they can be negotiated with banks. What institutes look for and how you can improve your chances of getting a loan.


Episode 47: Building Wealth Through Real Estate: Learn How To Build A Rental Property Portfolio

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with KAYR of KJ Consulting. KAYR started at the bottom and has built an incredible portfolio of investment properties with rental income. It took him 10 years to save up for his first property but soon after that he was able to build his portfolio and retire at a young age.


Episode 46: Understanding Business Entities: Learn About The Different Ways To Set Up A Business

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with real estate lawyer and long time friend James Thomson. James gives us an overview on the different types of business entities you can create and what the challenges are with each.


Episode 45: A Trip Down Memory Lane: Funny Stories About How It All Began

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with life long friend and business partner, John Pitera who is now with Garage Living. James and John share some incredible stories about how this journey began. Laugh with us as they discuss building desks, closing deals, alligators, and much more.


Episode 44: Go, Go, Real Estate: How To Master Your Social Media & Generate Organic Leads

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Gogo Bethke, the Social Media Queen of Real Estate. Her goal is to help as many agents as she possibly can to make a name for themselves in this cut throat industry. If Gogo can do it, a girl from Transylvania, Romania with no US college degree, no SOI, no money, no experience and an accent, then other agents can definitely do it.


Episode 43: Infinite Banking: Learn How To Leverage Your Life Insurance Policy To Invest In Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Sarry Ibrahim of Financial Asset Protection. Sarry's business is to help high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely. In this episode we learn how to leverage life insurance policies in order to get cash to invest in real estate. Incredible system of infinite banking.


Episode 42: A Taxing Day: Learn New Ways On How To Save Money On Your Taxes

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Derick Van Ness, founder of Big Life Financial. Derick is a Wealth Strategist who is passionate about removing the mystery and misinformation surrounding money and financial strategy so people can live their biggest life.


Episode 41: Buying & Selling On Terms: Learn How To Buy & Sell With Zero Money Out Of Pocket

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Chris Prefontaine founder of Smart Real Estate Coach. Here they discuss how to buy and sell real estate on terms. Chris is an expert at this and has 3 proven methods that really work. Truly valuable information provided.


Episode 40: Motivating Lead Generation: How To Target The Right Audience To Generate Valuable Leads

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Bryan Driscoll of Motivated-Leads. Bryan has a great system for lead generation and is currently driving high quality leads for so many people. Learn about messaging, targeting, what platforms to use, and more. Highly valuable information here.


Episode 39: Women In Business: Women Making A Difference In The Community Part 3

CEO/Host James Prendamano continues to highlight women in business this month with the help of SIEDC. This episode features Kristine Garlisi of the Nicotra Group and Gail Castellano of New York Community Bank.


Episode 38: Women Business Owners: Women Making A Difference In The Community Part 2

CEO/Host James Prendamano sits down with Pam Columbia of Statewide Fire Corp. and Kim Althoff of Santander Bank as we continue part 2 of celebrating Womens' History Month by highlighting these business owners. Learn more about their journey and how they have overcome obstacles during these troubling times.


Episode 37: The 1031 Investor: Learn How To Transition Investment Properties Without Paying Any Taxes

CEO/Host James Prendamano sits down this week with Dave Foster of The 1031 Investor. A degreed accountant and serial real estate investor, Dave is a Qualified Intermediary and consultant who shares his tax saving strategies with investors like you who want to maximize their returns.
Visit his site: The 1031 Investor


Episode 36: Breaking Barriers To Care: Women Making A Difference In The Community

With March being Women's History Month, we partnered with the SIEDC and are highlighting women business owners in the community. This week features Diane Arneth of Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI) and Gina Gutman of SIEDC.


Episode 35: Nursing Your Net Worth: How To Work Full Time & Be Successful Investing In Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Savannah Arroyo aka The Networth Nurse. Savannah, while working as a full time nurse, has found ways to become very successful investing in real estate. She started her own syndicate with her husband and continues to drive great returns for her investors. Find out how she does it.


Episode 34: Livin' La Vida Dolce: Cooking Delicious Food & Rescuing People John Does It All!

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with John Djombalij, owner of Dolce Fantasia restaurant here on Staten Island. John discusses his passion for food and how he get started. He also talks about his heroics rescuing people during Super Storm Sandy. Incredible person, incredible food. We were honored to have him on our podcast.


Episode 33: Pushing For Social Change; How PCCSNY Is Helping Those In Need

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Nicole Forgione and Jaclyn Tocco from Person Centered Care Services (PCCSNY). Person Centered Care Services is a not for profit organization creating social change within communities by supporting people with disabilities on their search for identity and acceptance. For more information visit:


Episode 32: Winning With The James'; Going From 9-5 To Being Your Own Boss By Investing

Host/CEO James Prendamano is joined by James Myrthil, a personal-credit consultant, business strategist, investor, wealth advisor, and entrepreneur. Learn how James went from working in transit and giving up the 9-5 to become his own boss and invest in real estate

  • James' History
  • Started Out In Transit
  • Buying First Properties
  • Networking


Episode 31: Cash or Credit? How To Use Your Credit Cards Instead Of Cash To Invest

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Brandon Elliott, a leading authority on real estate and credit. Brandon has a thriving credit repair and tradelines company but prefers teaching people the credit hacks he's been applying for years. Learn how to fix your credit so you can open doors to more opportunities.

  • Purchase properties and complete full remodels
  • Build huge credit lines both personal & business to 6 & 7 figures
  • Status match to elite levels with companies for cars, flights, and hotels
  • Manufactured spending techniques showing ways to create millions of points equivalent to cash and free travels


Episode 30: Insert TITLE Here: How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Mike Altman of Hallmark Abstract Service LLC a Title Insurance Provider. Hallmark Abstract Service has a laser focus on protecting New York State Commercial And Residential real property buyers in what could potentially be the Largest Financial Transaction Of Their Lives!

  • Mike's Background
  • What Is Title?
  • How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset
  • Creative Fundraising Events



Episode 29: Real Estate Sets You Free (Ep.29) Reach Economic Freedom With Real Estate Investing

Host/CEO James Prendamano is joined by Dr. Axel Meierhoefer, a real estate investor and entrepreneur. Axel helps people learn how to reach economic independence through Real Estate investing applying the OOS TK strategy. Find out more about how his research has led to developing his residential real estate investment portfolio worth about $1.5 Million.

  • Axel's Background
  • Growing Up In Germany
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Out of State Turnkey (OOS TK) Strategy


Episode 28: RV Parks & Mobile Home Investing: How To Get Started with Gabe Petersen

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Gabe Petersen, a real estate entrepreneur, podcast host and general life wisdom junkie. He hosts two podcasts himself, The Real Estate Investing Club and Pursuing Greatness - Master Your Health, Wealth, Love & Spirit. Learn more about how to get started investing in RV Parks and Mobile Homes.

  • Gabe's Background
  • RV Parks & Mobile Home Investing
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Virtual Assistants


Episode 27: The Best Of 2020: Highlighting Some Clips Throughout The Year

Happy New Year! In this special new year's eve episode we wanted to highlight some of our favorite clips throughout all 26 episodes so far. We are having so much fun with this. We thank you all for the support. Hope you are finding some value in these episodes. Cheers to the new year!

  • James' Opening
  • Highlights
  • Happy New Year!
  • Cheers to 2021!


Episode 26: A STIMULATING Conversation: A Fiery & Emotional James Prendamano Takes On The Proposed Stimulus Bill

Merry Christmas! Host/CEO James Prendamano gets fired up on this episode, in which he dives into the proposed stimulus bill and highlights the latest real estate states as this unprecedented year finally comes to a close.

  • Stimulus Bill
  • Real Estate Survey Results
  • Real Estate Year End Stats
  • Merry Christmas!


Episode 25: Taking The Next Step Socially: How To Effectively Use Social Media w/ Katie Brinkley

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Katie Brinkley, founder of Next Step Social Media Communications. Learn more about the best strategies to take, how to build an audience, how and when to engage, what you should be posting, and so much more.

  • Social Media
  • What Platforms To Use
  • What To Post
  • When To Post
  • Super Bowl Predictions


Episode 24: Life, Lending, & Laughs: Tips From The Best In The Biz, Highly Entertaining Sal Criscuolo

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Sal Criscuolo, team leader on the home team at Freedom Mortgage, an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and so much more.

  • The Beginning
  • Being A Mortgage Broker
  • The Many Hats Worn
  • Philanthropy


Episode 23: Breaking The Mold: Bank United Forges Ahead Using Technology w/ A Personal Touch

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with SVP of Commercial Banking Megan Hallinan & VP of Commercial Private Banking Marshall Fulton of Bank United. Find out how Bank United is using technology coupled with their personal touch to push the banking industry forward.

  • Banking Industry
  • Technology Advances
  • Working With Small Businesses
  • Continuing To Adapt & Innovate


Episode 22: Thanksgiving Special: State Of The Market With James Prendamano

Special Thanksgiving episode featuring our Host/CEO James Prendamano giving his State of the Market update. Find out about market stats, COVID-19 relief, small business trends, and much more. We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Market Stats
  • Life After COVID
  • Opportunities
  • Happy Thanksgiving!


Episode 21: Lion's Pride: How Coaching Can Elevate Your Business By Highlighting Your Strengths

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with business coaches Chad and Danielle Reyes of Lion's Pride Leadership. In this episode we discuss the benefits that leadership coaching can have not only on your career but your business. Topics discussed:

  • Chad & Danielle's History
  • Business Coaching
  • Finding Your Strengths
  • Building The Right Team


Episode 20: The Crown Jewel: How To Take A Small Business To The Next Level

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Cory Schifter of Casale Jewelers here on Staten Island. Cory talks about how he was able to grow his business into the household name it is on Staten Island. Lots of great lessons here on what not to do and how it is ok to fail. Topics discussed:

  • Cory's History
  • Fear
  • Failing
  • Learning From Losing


Episode 19: Duly Noted w/ Scott Carson of

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Scott Carson of Scott is an expert at buying defaulted notes. He gives us a step by step guide on how to really make money in a downward trending real estate market. Incredible information and everyone who can should really dig in and take advantage of all that Scott lays out. Topics discussed:

  • Scott's History
  • What Is A Defaulted Note?
  • How Do You Find Notes?
  • How Do You Make Money With Notes?


Episode 18: It's A Family Thing w/ Celia Iervasi, Ariana DiMattina, & Frank DiMattina

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with our very own agent Hall of Famer and Realtor of the Year Celia Iervasi and Frank and Ariana DiMattina. They discuss what it's like being newer agents and give some valuable real estate insights in today's market.

  • Background
  • First Time Home Buyer Tips
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Buy or Sell


Episode 17: The Financing Playbook w/ The Mortgage Quarterback Jeff Van Note

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with the Mortgage Quarterback, Jeff Van Note of Deposit That. Jeff has incredible knowledge on the mortgage, loans, and banking industry. Listen as they take a deep dive into banks and how they are analyzing deals. If you are looking for a loan then find out what you might need in order to get approved.

  • Jeff's Background
  • Current State Of Mortgages
  • How Banks Operate
  • Futures

Follow Jeff on Instagram: @jeffvannotesr


Episode 16: ALL IN w/ Carlos Reyes, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivator, Real Estate Investor

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Carlos Reyes, serial entrepreneur, motivator, real estate investor, co-founder of ALL IN Nation. Carlos is truly an inspiration and is living the absolute American dream. From extreme poverty to complete success, his hard work and ability to overcome adversity has led him to build 25 businesses, of which 7 are already grossing 7 figures a year. Incredible story to tell and we are grateful that he has shared it with us.

  • Owner of over 25 businesses
  • 7 businesses grossing 7 figures
  • Living the American Dream
  • Inspiration to all

Follow Carlos on Instagram: @carlosreyes


Episode 15: The Power Hour: Finding Our Brightest Light During The Darkest Time

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Reverend Doctor Demetrius Carolina, Executive Director of Central Family Living Center. Topics discussed:

  • Reverend Doctor's History
  • Mental Health
  • Helping The Community
  • Important New Initiatives

Visit Central Family Living Center


Episode 14: Go Big or Go Home! The Valpak Way With CEO Sean Conaghan

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Sean Conaghan, CEO of Valpak. Topics discussed:

  • Sean's History
  • Meeting The Great Pele
  • Soccer Career
  • Love of Sales
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Save Local NYC

Save Local NYC is offering $1,000,000 of Media Money to small businesses. Find out how you can get your share.

Visit Valpak


Episode 13: The Rise Of Gotham Trinity: New Video Content Ideas With Gotham Trinity Productions

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Todd Bivona,
co-founder of Gotham Trinity Productions & special guest Becca Matulonis (who surprises us at the end with a little singing!). Topics discussed:

  • Todd's History
  • What Is Gotham Trinity Productions?
  • How To Produce A TV Show
  • Video Content Ideas
  • New Show Idea For CP
  • Upcoming Film Productions



Episode 12: Efficiency Through Empowerment: Self Help Tips With The Deal Ninja, Rob Nixon

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with our very own Deal Ninja, Rob Nixon. Topics discussed:

  • Rob's History and Success
  • Self Help and Empowerment
  • Looking At Things In Different Ways
  • A New Venture: Capex Funding NYC

  • Subscribe:

Episode 11: Small Business, Big Challenges; What Small Businesses Are Currently Going Through

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Mario Ferraro, owner of Marie's restaurant on Staten Island. Topics discussed:

  • How Mario Got Started Cooking
  • New Regulations Put Forth Because Of COVID-19
  • Challenges Restaurants Face
  • New Restaurant Opening: Vitalia
  • The Future Ahead

  • Subscribe:

Episode 10: It's A Cultural Thing: Snug Harbor; The History, The Mystery, & The Intrigue

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with CEO & President of Snug Harbor, Aileen Fuchs. Topics discussed:

Episode 9: The Wizard of O.Z.: The Benefits of Opportunity Zones

Host/CEO James Prendamano chats with Matthew Rappaport of Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC. Matt is an expert on solving the most complex issues and addressing the most sophisticated needs of the real estate, closely held business, and private equity communities. This episode gets deep into Opportunity Zones, how beneficial they are and how under utilized they are. Tons of value in this one. You can reach Matt at Visit his website for more information.


Episode 8: Keeping It Realtor: How The Staten Island Real Estate Market Is Adapting

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Sandy Krueger, CEO of Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR). Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Sandy Krueger's History
  • Staten Island Real Estate Market
  • Real Estate Agents Adapting
  • The Future of Staten Island Real Estate

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Episode 7: Hackers, and Viruses, and Malware OH MY!: How To Protect Your Tech featuring Tekie Geek

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Mike Bloomfield, proprietor of Tekie Geek, a team of experts that can become your outsourced IT department. Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Tekie Geek History
  • Video Gaming
  • Technology in Real Estate
  • Cyber Security
  • The Dark Web

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Episode 6: The "JMan" Plan: How To Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Jeremias "JMan" Maneiro, International Speaker, Video influencer, Social Medial Specialist and Architect of The American Dream. Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Social Media Use
  • What To Post, Where To Post, When To Post
  • Technology Being Used In Real Estate
  • Where The Market Is Going

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Episode 5: 6 Degrees of Mike Menicucci

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits with Mike Menicucci, Principal at Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC law firm. We learn from one of the best in the business how to build a sustainable practice that stands the test of time. We touch on many topics including:

  • Zoning Law
  • Litigation
  • Force Majeure
  • Banking Division
  • Managing a practice with nearly 400 bank closings a month
  • Assisting 660 clients with PPP loans
  • Business life after coronavirus
  • Predictions for how the landscape of NYC will be forever changed

  • Subscribe:

Episode 4: The King Of Comps: How To Take Advantage Of Undervalued Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano is joined by our most senior real estate agent, Brian McGowan as they discuss topics including:

  • Highest Comps Set by Brian
  • Manufacturing Property - Staten Island vs. Other Areas
  • Rezoning of Properties
  • Capitalizing On The Market
  • New Tech Developed To Automatically Identify Deals
  • Working Relationship Between Two Complete Opposites

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Episode 3: Take The Plunge: Investing In Staten Island

Staten Island offers a safe alternative to real estate speculators to make investments in this NYC market. CEO James Prendamano is joined by Office Manager John Vernazza as they discuss real estate after coronavirus and how Staten Island compares to the other boroughs when looking to buy or lease property.

  • John Vernazza's History
  • Staten Island Real Estate Market
  • Real Estate After Coronavirus
  • Real Estate Agent Training

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Episode 2: Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101: Casandra Properties takes the listener through everything you need to know about how to stay at the top of your field in this ever changing, fiercely competitive digital marketplace, featuring Peter Gambino CMO at Casandra Properties.

  • Peter's Employment History
  • All Things Digital
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Imagery

  • Subscribe:

Episode 1: Company History & Introduction

Welcome to our very first podcast featuring our CEO James Prendamano and Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis. Topics discussed in this episode are the history of Casandra Properties, the CoronaVirus, the Breadcrumb Methodology To Get Retail Deals Done, and more.

  • 01:19 Company Founded
  • 07:40 Upcoming Guests
  • 17:28 Small Businesses
  • 26:00 Coronavirus
  • 28:25 Influences

  • Subscribe:

Real Estate Podcast

Casandra Properties Real Estate Podcast features CEO James Prendamano as your host.  He covers topics ranging from real estate investing to the Staten Island housing market to commercial leasing and everything in between.  This podcast is a great resource for new real estate agents as well as seasoned veterans that are looking for a perspective from an experienced broker that has closed and negotiated large multi-million dollar deals.  

Podcast Guests

We have a lot of great guests lined up.  Some real estate professionals, elected officials, investors, celebrities, and many more.  If you would like to be a guest on our podcast please reach out and email us at  We welcome all guests that can provide value and education to our real estate audience.


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