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Episode 6: The "JMan" Plan: How To Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits down with Jeremias "JMan" Maneiro, International Speaker, Video influencer, Social Medial Specialist and Architect of The American Dream. Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Social Media Use
  • What To Post, Where To Post, When To Post
  • Technology Being Used In Real Estate
  • Where The Market Is Going

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Episode 5: 6 Degrees of Mike Menicucci

Host/CEO James Prendamano sits with Mike Menicucci, Principal at Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC law firm. We learn from one of the best in the business how to build a sustainable practice that stands the test of time. We touch on many topics including:

  • Zoning Law
  • Litigation
  • Force Majeure
  • Banking Division
  • Managing a practice with nearly 400 bank closings a month
  • Assisting 660 clients with PPP loans
  • Business life after coronavirus
  • Predictions for how the landscape of NYC will be forever changed

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Episode 4: The King Of Comps: How To Take Advantage Of Undervalued Real Estate

Host/CEO James Prendamano is joined by our most senior real estate agent, Brian McGowan as they discuss topics including:

  • Highest Comps Set by Brian
  • Manufacturing Property - Staten Island vs. Other Areas
  • Rezoning of Properties
  • Capitalizing On The Market
  • New Tech Developed To Automatically Identify Deals
  • Working Relationship Between Two Complete Opposites

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Episode 3: Take The Plunge: Investing In Staten Island

Staten Island offers a safe alternative to real estate speculators to make investments in this NYC market. CEO James Prendamano is joined by Office Manager John Vernazza as they discuss real estate after coronavirus and how Staten Island compares to the other boroughs when looking to buy or lease property.

  • John Vernazza's History
  • Staten Island Real Estate Market
  • Real Estate After Coronavirus
  • Real Estate Agent Training

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Episode 2: Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101: Casandra Properties takes the listener through everything you need to know about how to stay at the top of your field in this ever changing, fiercely competitive digital marketplace, featuring Peter Gambino CMO at Casandra Properties.

  • Peter's Employment History
  • All Things Digital
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Imagery

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Episode 1: Company History & Introduction

Welcome to our very first podcast featuring our CEO James Prendamano and Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis. Topics discussed in this episode are the history of Casandra Properties, the CoronaVirus, the Breadcrumb Methodology To Get Retail Deals Done, and more.

  • 01:19 Company Founded
  • 07:40 Upcoming Guests
  • 17:28 Small Businesses
  • 26:00 Coronavirus
  • 28:25 Influences

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Real Estate Podcast

Casandra Properties Real Estate Podcast features CEO James Prendamano as your host.  He covers topics ranging from real estate investing to the Staten Island housing market to commercial leasing and everything in between.  This podcast is a great resource for new real estate agents as well as seasoned veterans that are looking for a perspective from an experienced broker that has closed and negotiated large multi-million dollar deals.  

Podcast Guests

We have a lot of great guests lined up.  Some real estate professionals, elected officials, investors, celebrities, and many more.  If you would like to be a guest on our podcast please reach out and email us at  We welcome all guests that can provide value and education to our real estate audience.


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