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Plans For 139 Bay Street Staten Island

Benefits of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Key Factors to Consider Before Moving

Calling All Programmers Casandra Properties

Difference Between Real Estate and Estate Casandra Properties

10 Ways To Get 10 More Referrals

Top 5 Worst Renovations

Top 5 Worst Renovations

Top 5 Reasons to Invest In Real Estate

Rent Regulations Are Coming

Staten Island's Famous Musicians

Staten Island's Famous Musicians

Staten Island, the Final Frontier

What does Escrow mean

What to Expect When Selling a Home

How to Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

Local Getaways from NYC

Most Affordable Homes in NYC Are in Staten Island

Importance of staging your home when selling

How to become a real estate agent

Ways to Create An Eco Friendly Home

How to invest in Real Estate

Benefit of Opportunity Zones

It's All About the Experience

Rising Rents in Staten Island

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