Your Home in Dark Mode: Are Black Windows a Trend in 2020?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, October 24th, 2020 at 11:39am.

Black has always signified chic and sophisticated style, but are black windows a trend for homeowners?

The short answer? Yes! Sleek black windows and black window frames are growing in popularity, but they also hearken to vintage Victorian, Tudor revival, and folk style homes.

Black windows aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they also come with surprising health and cost benefits.

Black tinted windows help trap warm air in the home during frigid winters. During summertime, they help keep your house cool on hot days. Black windows also limit the number of harmful UV rays that enter the home while still delivering the benefits of natural sunlight.

Let's take a closer look at this growing trend and learn how to incorporate black windows in your home and business.

Your Home In Dark Mode

Are Black Windows a Trend for Home Offices?

Sleek, modern black windows have always been popular in office buildings, executive suites, and office parks. As more professionals switch to remote roles, office design trends are making their way into home office aesthetic.

Black office windows add a level of privacy, which helps professionals focus on work. The same applies to home office design, and the desire for privacy can be even greater at home.

Many work-at-home professionals work with several people in the house, including nosy neighbors. Black windows add much-needed privacy (from kids and neighbors) during Zoom calls.

Black windows create more comfortable lighting conditions for working, too. You don't have to worry about glares on your computer monitor or video conferencing devices.

When paired with purples, blues, or greens, black windows are an excellent complement to modern home office design. Furnish your home office with black or walnut furniture, lush houseplants, and dark carpeting. Black windows also prevent office furniture and upholstery from fading.

Black Window Trends for Hospitality

There are countless ways to relax, but harsh, oppressive lighting isn't one of them. No one wants to relax in a sterile, hospital-like setting with bright fluorescent lights.

Luckily, black windows can transform uninspired places into calming, tranquil areas. One example of this trend is modern lounge design. Black windows help lounge patrons relax with their cocktails while enjoying jazz and piano.

Like lounges and jazz clubs, tranquil spas benefit from relaxing black windows. Black windows are ideal for zen spas with natural fountains, stone sculptures, and lush greenery. They're perfect for enclosed spa patios and on-site gyms for guests.

Black window trends are frequently found at relaxing resorts and hotels. These window treatments help guests relax in their rooms and sleep longer. They're perfect for busy traveling professionals who need a good night's sleep before a big meeting.

In-Home Spa Trends

Why not model your style after your favorite spa? Homeowners also create relaxing spa rooms, lounges, and enclosed patios with the help of black windows. These projects require minimal remodeling work, too.

Simply replace your current windows with black windows, and replace light-colored window frames with cool black frames. Paint the walls a relaxing dark green, gray-purple, or brown to increase the tranquility of the space. This is the perfect place to have cocktails with friends or curl up with a new book.

Dark wood panels also complement cool, relaxing black windows. This is an excellent combination for at-home movie theaters, complete with theater-style lounge seating. Adjustable lighting also sets the perfect mood for movie nights.

Black windows work well in guest bedrooms, too. Like home offices and spas, they add an extra layer of privacy, which provides security and peace of mind for guests.

You don't always have to pair black windows with dark-colored interior walls either. Black windows pair nicely with periwinkle blues, creamy tones, light pinks, and classic white shades. Light pink and black work particularly well together.

Why Black Windows Are Trending with Homeowners 

Black windows are a popular trend among budget-savvy homeowners. Black windows control heat absorption, which conserves your HVAC system. The less your HVAC overworks itself, the more you save on utility bills.

Calculate the total cost of replacement windows, and compare that to your potential energy savings. Your initial investment will quickly pay for itself in savings. This is something to consider if you live in extreme hot or cold areas.

A Surprising Health Trend

Black windows aren't just an interior design trend. They're even a health trend!

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic fatigue, migraines, eye conditions, and other light-sensitive conditions, black windows are a must. Black windows also decrease UV rays, which lowers the risk of skin cancer.

A healthy dose of vitamin D is essential, but too much sun exposure can have lasting health consequences. If you're at risk, add additional window tinting, dim lighting, and dimming curtains for extra comfort. This simple change can improve overall skin health.

Security is Timeless

One trend that never goes out of fashion is security. Black windows add extra protection to the most vulnerable areas of your home.

Black windows also complement growing trends in security tech. Many security-conscious homeowners pair smart home systems with black windows and treatments. Homeowners can instantly enable security systems, draw curtains, close blinds, and control electronic window tint with a click.

Anyone with extra security concerns should install black windows, especially for rooms with safes, art, inventory, expensive equipment, or other valuables. 

Does the Black Window Trend Speak to You?

Are black windows a trend you see yourself embracing? Visit a showroom or go online to see black windows for yourself. They could be exactly what your interior design is missing.

Your next challenge is to put these ideas into practice. Create your dream home office, in-home spa, gym, or movie theater with black windows!

Never run out of window ideas. Check out the blog for more design inspiration, home improvement tips, and more.

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