Work Smarter, Not Harder: 8 Kitchen Remodel Apps That Will Make Your Job Easier

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 9:14am.

Few things are as exciting as doing a kitchen remodel, especially if your kitchen is long due for one. Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that kitchen remodeling isn’t as easy as you’d think, and it’s not only the hard, heavy lifting. Everything from picking the right colors, and choosing fixtures and flooring can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources, including kitchen remodel apps that will make remodeling your kitchen a breeze.  Whether you’re rocking an Android or Apple phone, there are plenty of kitchen remodel apps to help you with your kitchen renovation. All you need is a smartphone and maybe a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go.

In this piece, we’ll highlight eight incredible apps designed to help you with your kitchen renovation. So get your phone ready, and let’s dive into it.

Kitchen Remodel Apps

Kitchen remodel Apps for Easier Remodeling

The average return for a remodel is 56 percent of the value of the remodel. So apart from getting a banging kitchen, kitchen remodels also increase your home’s value quite significantly.

Everyone has a different approach to kitchen remodeling, but whatever yours is, there’s bound to be a kitchen remodel app that can help. If you need a bit of help for your kitchen remodeling, here are a few apps that can help:

1. Tapglance

Tapglance is an app that helps you visualize the result of your kitchen remodels. That way, you don’t have to risk buying expensive fixtures or painting colors that will look horrible on your kitchen. 

Tapglance creates photorealistic renderings of your kitchen using its inventory of materials and fixtures to complete the render. The app is especially ideal for beginners who are doing first-time kitchen remodels. It has an easy-to-use simple user interface that even your grandma can understand.

With a simple screen swipe, you can change your kitchen walls’ paint, or drag and drop a new ceramic countertop into place. The app is available for all Apple devices for free, but it has in-app purchases.

2. Home Design 3D

 Just like Tapglance, Home Design 3D lets you visualize your kitchen remodeling before you begin any work. Think of it as the Android's response to Tapglance, and boy does it give Tapglance a run for its money.

The app allows you to make 2D and 3D renditions of your kitchen. That way, you can organize where everything goes, select colors for your walls and cabinets, and even move the walls. That way, you can jump into the remodeling with a solid plan in place.

The app is free with a few in-app purchases but has a Classic version that goes for $6.99.

3. Zillow Digs

Any formidable interior designer recognizes Zillow Diggs as an incredible resource for home design. Now that there’s an app for Zillow Diggs, you can get all the information you need for all your remodeling projects.

With the Zillow Diggs app, you can get details about renovation products and their costs depending.  You can also get information about remodeling estimates to give you an idea of what you should expect to pay for your remodel.

You can browse and save images of kitchen spaces to give you ideas. You can download Zillow Digs for both Android and Apple devices at no cost.

4. TapPainter

TapPainter is just what you need to visualize your kitchen wall colors. It’s an incredible tool with immense capability that gives you an accurate picture of what your room will look like with whatever color paint.

It factors in the room’s lighting to create a more accurate visual of what the room would look like if you paint it a particular color. With so many color fans from reputable paint brands, you can change the room’s color with a simple tap of the screen

You can just choose a single color or blend a few ones for your own custom color. TapPainter is available for both Android and Apple devices for $2.99.

5. Room Planner Design

As you might have guessed, this app helps you plan your room’s layout. It’s an incredible app that’s created to comply with industry standards in architecture and CAD.

The app easily integrates with other computer software to extend its room planning capability. You can thus convert your room plan to architectural drawings, then create layouts with cabinets and other fixtures. Lastly, you can add texture and colors to your layout to complete the design.

It might take a while to get well acquainted with all the app's features, but you’ll get the hang of it. Room Plan Designer costs $9.99. If you find the app too hard to use, you can always use this design tool, which is easier to learn and use.

6. Houzz

You probably know Houzz by now, if you’ve been digging for remodeling ideas. If you need kitchen remodeling ideas, then Houzz is the go-to place, and now it’s got an app. The app has all you need for kitchen remodeling ideas, including photos, articles that you can view either by style, location, or room.

Houzz is free to download for both Android and Apple.

7. Instagram

You wouldn’t think of Instagram as a kitchen remodeling app, but it is if you really think about it. You can find tons of ideas on kitchen remodeling on Instagram. Just hit the explore page and search “kitchen remodel ideas” or “amazing kitchens,” and you’ll get pictures of lovely kitchens from across the world.

You can then pick your ideas from these pictures for your own kitchen remodeling project

8. YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. So you can find whatever you need to know about kitchen remodeling on YouTube. Anything from tutorials, explainers, and even priceless advice from recognized interior designers.

Let These Kitchen Remodel Apps Give You a Hand

No doubt, kitchen remodeling isn't’ the easiest job. However, these kitchen remodel apps will help ease the burden. Remember to download a bunch of them to benefit from all of them

Also, don’t be too stingy on these apps; it’s okay to spend a couple of bucks on them to ensure that your remodel turns out perfectly. Plus, remember to check out our other articles for more informative reads.

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