Why You Should Use Skirting Boards in Your Home

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, August 16th, 2020 at 2:13pm.

Skirting boards in your house

If you are working on a new building project or planning renovations around the house, you should consider skirting boards in your architecture. They are not just some fancy piece of fascia that is used for aesthetics, they also provide your interior with more reinforcements while helping to prolong the lifespan or your walls and floors. 

When it comes to the best architectural pieces to include in your home designs, you want to speak with an architect or a building professional. If you already plan on using skirting boards on your interior, you want to consider some factors to help you get the best one for you. 

How to Use Skirting Boards in Interior? 

There are ways to use baseboards in walls or floor construction, so you want to leave the job to an expert if you want them installed correctly. You should know that these boards are of different types and designs, so there is a lot to consider when in the market for the best options. 

  • Color of your Interior 

When buying accessories for your interior, you want to note the color of your floors and walls. It is also right that you work with the furnishing as well. It doesn't matter if it's in the bathroom or sitting room, you have to match your colors appropriately. 

  • Location of Installation 

You can use skirting boards on edges of the floor, wall, staircases, and even on the ceiling and roofs, so you want to get the type that will suit the installation location. Most people prefer to leave the decision on which model to use to the contractor, but you should input what goes into your home design. 

  • Type of Material 

Another essential thing to factor in is the material of the baseboard. There is no primary material for skirtings, and you can find options made from PVC, wood, and MDF boards. It doesn't matter which one you opt for so longs it works in the location and made to the quality standard. You can find more here, https://www.residencestyle.com/what-are-different-types-of-skirting-board-to-choose-from/ on the different types of material options available. 

Benefits of Skirting Boards 

Skirting Boards

They are easy to install for one, and usually don't cost much to get done. Some of the reasons why you want to consider these boards in your home are

  1. Hides Wiring and Blemishes 

If you have wires dangling around the place or hole and cracks in your floor and wall, you can use wood or PVC to cover the area. The house's common parts to notice such blemishes include at the foundation level where the floor and wall meet. You can also find them on edges of the roof, staircase, or home areas with elevated floors. They provide a long-lasting solution primarily when you use quality cover materials. 

  1. Compliments Interior 

You could also increase the appeal of your interior with the use of skirting boards. They are available in many colors and tones, so you can easily match other elements in your home. For the modern appearance, you may want to work with MDF molding skirting boards, while the Ogee and Torus skirtings may be best suited for classical kind homes. 

  1. Prevents Damage

They also help to prevent damage to your walls and floors. Your plastering and painting would also benefit with less occasional cracks when you have boards installed at the ground level. You also protect your interior wall from flooding from the outside. And it also acts as reinforcements on your structure, so you want to ensure you go for the best. 

  1. Affordable

It is also worth mentioning that it doesn't cost much to have a baseboard installed in your building. You can purchase them already made of have them constructed to your specification, whichever way, you wouldn't spend much to get the job done. You should check for your skirting from Metres Direct, and they have options that can work in any space and are available in different types and sizes. 

  1. Easy to Maintain 

You can find options that you can easily wipe clean with a dry rag. Some others may require a wet clean, but maintenance is pretty much easy with skirting boards. 

Final Note 

It is best to have an expert handle the installation job in your home or office. You would not spend much on getting the job done, but you would have to ensure you get the right person if you want professional service delivery.

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