Why We Need Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, September 26th, 2019 at 1:44pm.

Log Cabins and Log Homes Casandra Properties

Modern life has brought many benefits to people. Still, we cannot forget his 'dark side,' which is the stress, too many obligations, lack of time, and the hassle we face every day. So sometimes we just want to run away from everything and get back to basics.

Thinking about a rustic house or a cottage, just like those before technology and the Internet? If your answer is yes, maybe you’ve just found the perfect way to make your oasis of peace and, at least for a while, escape from the harsh reality.

While these facilities used to be cottages and holiday homes, today they have also been sought as primary residential properties. They are no longer log cabins like they used to be, with only basic furniture, cold and damp. On this link, find more solvable issues why people don’t like living in wooden homes.

Nowadays, log cabins and homes are modern living spaces, equipped with top-notch appliances and furniture, as luxurious as you can afford. An authentic wooden house, in a quiet and hidden place, is a real deal for those who want to take a break.

Living in Log Home Is Unique Experience

People are different and have different views on life. For some, the thought of living in a log cabin is repulsive; for others, it will be a dream come true. However, both must agree that it is an unusual and unforgettable experience.

When surrounded with the wood and miles away from civilization, it is like you have moved to another dimension. What's more, your new house doesn't have to be out of town at all. You can also place it in the suburbs or in any neighborhood where their construction is permitted. The location itself is not as important as the feeling people have when staying in it.

You’ll Enjoy the Atmosphere

The wood carries a certain warmth and comfort. When you stay in rooms made of this material, you will feel relaxed, and a cozy, family atmosphere will prevail throughout the home. Not to mention a beneficial effect on your health. Wood is an entirely natural element, even after processing. It has a significantly more favorable impact on people than artificial materials such as concrete and mortar.

When you think of a log cabin, you imagine a fireplace emitting heat that brightens the entire room; a large dining table that brings the whole family together; spacious porch with a fantastic view of the horizon. Each person will experience a stay in these objects in a different way; but the general impression is that they are all in the spirit of earlier times, even when you refine your living space with modern additions.

Log Homes and Cabins Are Environmental-Friendly

Humanity collectively develops an awareness of living and building green. As seen on mrhandcrafted.com, manufacturers of log cabins and homes have been following this trend for a long time since wood is an entirely natural element. Some companies even go a step forward in the process of building these facilities by using recycled wood.

The greenhouse gas emissions are much lower in wood than in artificial building materials such as concrete. The energy and thermal efficiency of modern wooden buildings are quite high. The tree has the ability to absorb the sun's energy and then re-emits it. Also, due to the density of the material, heat will not easily pass through the walls and ceiling, and energy losses will be minimal. That is the 'warmth' of space we have already written about.

Ease of Maintenance


The log cabin is not an 'ordinary' home, so you can't apply maintenance rules for living spaces. If a solid basis is set during the construction of this facility, its maintenance doesn't have to be expensive and demanding at all.

Wood as a material is not too hard to maintain if you check it regularly. And this is primarily meant to clean the exterior. Logs can create stains and moss, accumulate pollen, dirt, and dust. But there is one good thing about wooden objects, which is that all irregularities can be easily detected.

You'll notice the moisture by the color of the wood, termites by channels and damage, and cracks will appear due to temperature differences. Manufacturers have eliminated most of these problems by using wood preservatives. Regular inspection of the roof, joinery, and condition of bearing logs will prevent many problems.

It's not that simple to change the entire life and negate all the positive and negative sides of the present. But, at least in one segment of life, we ​​can go back to the basics. Maybe we can’t give up on modern technology and things that make our life easier. But having a custom log home or cabin somewhere in nature can be the first step in making these changes.

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