Why Do People Move? 7 Common Reasons

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 at 8:40am.

Every year, around 10 percent of Americans move home. Some move to another residence in the same city, and others go as far as crossing the whole country. But why do people move?

There's a huge variety of reasons someone might up and leave their home. It might be an individual decision, and it's time for a change for just them. It might be a family decision, and someone else has influenced the choice. 

Or it might be a combination of the two, as well as external factors influencing the move.

Moving house can be an exciting and stressful time, and there isn't only one reason people do it.

Why People Move

1. For a Relationship

Many people move for a relationship. After all, if two people meet and one's from California while the other is from New York, that distance is only sustainable for so long and a compromise must be met.

Some people are fortunate enough to fall in love in the same city, but not everyone is so lucky. 

2. For a Job

Relocation for a job is one of the most common reasons for moving. Sometimes a dream job appears, you're hired — and oh, it's two states away! Or maybe it's even in the same city but the commute is too much of a nightmare to do long-term.

Often people get hired for a job they can't turn down and find themselves thinking, "I need to sell my house fast!" 

Career changes can be the cause of very quick, unexpected moves.

3. To Be Closer to Family

People often move to be closer to family — whether it's because their children moved to another state and now they're following or they just aren't around enough family where they are.

Being surrounded by family is important for many, and they'll move to make that happen. 

4. For a Different Climate

Some people discover that they can't handle the climate where they are. One of the less common reasons for relocation, but still very valid, is the weather.

For example, someone might be living in Arizona and decide they can't handle the heat — or someone might be living in Minnesota and decide the cold is just too much!

5. To Upgrade Their Home

Upgrading the home is another reason why people move. As they get on in life and begin to settle down and start a family, they need more room. 

Moving lets them upgrade the house to a size more appropriate for their new lifestyle. 

6. To Downgrade Living Costs

One of the reasons to move on the opposite side of that is to downgrade rather than upgrade. When kids leave for college or couples split up, they might want a smaller home since they don't need all that room anymore.

A smaller home is generally cheaper and makes more sense for a family who no longer needs all those rooms.

7. For Better Schools

Parents often might move for better schools. School districts are a huge influence on the prices of houses, because parents want the best for their kids — so moving to another school district makes a lot of sense if they aren't satisfied with their own.

Why Do People Move? So Many Reasons!

So why do people move? It can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from financial to family. 

It's important to know that if you want to move, it only matters that the reason is good enough to you.

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