Why Cities Need Innovative Urban Planning

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 at 7:45am.

When you look at the long stretch of well-designed skyscrapers that casts a shadow over the city streets you might take a photo. Surely, these wondrous towers make for a gorgeous picturesque background. 

A lot of thought and engineering has gone into the construction and design of these skyscrapers. On the other hand, something we might underestimate is the in-depth planning that went into the placement of these tall buildings. 

Yes, the city provides a beautiful backdrop for visitors and sometimes it seems as if it runs like a well-oiled machine. In order for a city to function and have a great designer’s look, there are urban and town planners that help arrange different facets of the city. 

Without someone who planned the layout of the city’s infrastructure, the overpopulated urban areas will become a chaotic circus.   Urban planners are now more essential than ever, with the rise in pollution, overpopulation, and health issues, it’s important that the layout of the city is well planned to give citizens access to sewage, transport, and medical care. 

Here are more reasons why urban planners and companies like Outlook Town Planning are one of our greatest assets. 


When a city’s walls expand it means that there are more facilities for everyone. In effect this creates better opportunities for its citizens. Urban planners apply different strategies to collect data on living situations. Through the data collections they have the necessary information on what certain areas need. 

Knowing what citizens need, property developers will be able to build and develop residential and industrial areas. Once better facilities are built in different areas the city in itself grow. 

When a city expands it creates much more job and educational opportunities for its citizens. As a result, the economy receives a positive injection. Most citizens move out of cities because of the scarcity of jobs. Once new business blocks and companies open their doors, more jobs are created. 

Urban planners also focus on rural areas, constantly trying to develop and improve older buildings and parks. 


Every citizen should have their basic needs met. This include fresh running water, a working toilet, a means of income, and a safe environment to live in. This list sums up more basic needs every person should have. 

Having someone plan the distribution of properties by following set rules and regulations, assists all citizens in fair spreading of facilities and ownership. 

Not only do the urban planners do they layout and distribution of properties and land, they also make sure that all parts of the city have better living situations. This includes areas where senior citizens can go for a walk, public parks, garbage disposals, post offices, ambulances and hospitals, and fire stations. 

Other safety measures are also implemented such as sidewalks, traffic lights, speed bumps, and stop streets. 

The fight against global warming is increasing by the day. Planners implement plans to predict natural disasters. In a foreseen event of a natural disaster, the city’s layout should be in such a state that inhabitants can evacuate quickly and effectively. 

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Those on the outskirts of the city can now enjoy better services and easier access to necessities. Citizens who aren’t in the center of the city and work in mines, construction sites, or smaller businesses also need access to public transport and shopping centers. 

Urban planners make sure that the layout of the city’s public transport is in such an accessible state, in order to reduce fuel consumption and traffic. Having buses and underground trains run through the city decrease traffic and increase a healthier environment for all. 


To learn more about land use planning read here: https://planningtank.com/planning-techniques/land-use-planning. It’s important that Urban planners take into account which parts of the land may be used and which parts not. Carefully considering environmental and economic impact, urban planners carefully choose lands on which they can build a variety of different facilities. 

It’s important that certain spaces are specifically allocated to socio-economic activities. Through this procedure and planning, the area and neighborhood will provide a variety of much-needed facilities used by its inhabitants. 

In conclusion, in a growing world, urban planners are extremely important for the growth of towns, cities, and countries. To provide inhabitants with a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

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