Where Should I Put My Air Purifier In My Bedroom?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 at 9:08am.

Over recent years air purifiers have become a very popular gadget that improves the air quality in a room and has lots of other benefits. It can be used to clear unwanted odors such as smoke or pet smells. Rooms can often have lots of germs and bacteria which can be harmful to people's health so an air purifier can be used to clean them. It can be an ideal purchase for a child’s room or a room for a pregnant woman. There are plenty of more advantages, however, you must locate your air purifier in an area in a room to get the best performance out of it.

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Why Should I Have An Air Purifier In A Bedroom?

It is vital to be able to have clean air to breathe in a bedroom. Air purifiers will filter out different particles in the air like pathogens and other toxins. It is a device that everybody can use, especially for asthmatics, people suffering from allergies, young children, and babies. Nobody likes bad smells in their bedroom so an air purifier can help remove unwanted odors. If a bedroom is damp it can be at risk of germs and mold growing on the walls and behind ceilings and walls. Air purifiers can help remove these health hazards.

What Types Of Air Purifiers Are There?

There are lots of air purifiers on the market today, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. There are basic air purifiers that help slightly improve bedroom air circulation and help remove unwanted toxins. You can also find much more advanced ones, some that integrate smart technology that connects with your smartphone to allow you to change the settings with a click of a button. Nowadays you can find an air purifier that is designed to remove specific toxins that can have harmful results on people who suffer from allergies. There are some available that help you purify a whole house. The prices tend to vary. You can purchase an air purifier for as little as $30 US dollars, however, the better the air purifier is, the more expensive they tend to be. You are more than likely able to purchase one that fits into your budget and won’t break the bank.

Which Location In A Bedroom Can I Get The Best Results From An Air Purifier?

Each air purifier is different. Some are designed to be placed in the middle of a room and others can be put up against a wall. When you purchase an air purifier make sure that you study the instructions carefully. It should offer you guidelines to help you decide where to put your air purifier in a room. 

Putting an air purifier too close to the bed can cause a few problems. Although some are silent, others tend to make a little bit of noise and may cause you issues when trying to fall asleep at night time. You might also feel a small draft from the air that is released from the purifier which can also disrupt your sleep. Ideally, having your air purifier set up at least 7 feet away from your bed is probably the best location. If this is not possible, as you might not have much space in your bedroom, you should be able to change the direction where the air comes out of the purifier so it is not facing in your direction while you're sleeping. Perhaps testing a purifier in the shop before you buy it to listen to hear how much sound it gives off. Most tend to have very little to no sound, however, if you are an extremely light sleeper it could affect you. Because they are so popular today, it seems that there are lots of different reviews written by customers online. These reviews can be a great way of doing market research before purchasing. Visit the Best Air Purifiers for Bedrooms (2020 Reviews Updated) to see what suits you. 

Should I Put An Air Purifier Near An Air Conditioning Unit?

During the hot summer nights having an air purifier close to an air conditioning unit is an ideal location. It will work with the air conditioning system and help you breathe in the fresh air and keep your bedroom cool at the same time. Unfortunately, during the colder times of the year we seldom use the air conditioning, so having it close to it is pointless. 

Is The Corner Of The Room A Good Place To Put An Air Purifier?

The corner of the room can often be the best location for an air purifier. This can be the safest area for the device, as it won’t get in your way and cause an accident. Make sure that you don’t place it behind furniture like couches, beds, or chairs because you will not get the best performance from the air purifier.

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