When to Call a Plumber for a Clogged Toilet: A Simple Guide

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at 8:51am.

Sometimes a clogged toilet is an easy fix. Other times, not so much...

Toilet clogs can happen for any multitude of reasons, whether it be too much waste being flushed down or something mechanical giving you problems. It's never ideal and they always seem to come at the worst possible times. We've all been there, trying to stop the water from overflowing after trying to flush too many times.

Most clogged toilets are easy fixes, but not all. There are some things a plunger just cannot solve, so you have to call the professionals. Today, we're going to talk about when you know it's time to call the plumber to help unclog your toilet.

Call A Plumber

If the Plunger Won't Work

The plunger is almost everyone's first line of defense against any toilet-related issues, but its simplicity means that it's only going to fix the most minor problems. By jogging whatever's down there loose, the water can move freely once again. Anything more serious than that is going to require the help of a plumber.

Rather than going from plunger to DIY toilet mechanic, call your local plumbing services. You could make matters much worse by trying to take your toilet apart to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. Let the pros handle it.

When the Water's Running

If your toilet is running constantly, you're going to have a massive water bill. This could be something simple, like the flap that lets the water through not fitting anymore, but it could also be something much worse. When you're tired of fiddling around with your flushing mechanism to get it to stop, call a plumber.

Foreign Objects Don't Belong Down There

Kids complicate toilet problems. Particularly, mischievous kids that are prone to flushing foreign objects down the toilet, complicate them. If you found out your child has sent an action figure or their report card down the toilet, then it's best to discipline them and contact a professional to untangle this mess.

Foreign objects can do serious damage to not just your toilet, but your sewer and/or septic lines as well.

Smelling the Problem

One of the easiest telltale signs of a bad clog isn't what you see or hear, but what you smell. Smells shouldn't linger in your bathroom for more than a few minutes, so when the air freshener isn't up to the task, you'll want to get that looked at.

This is usually the sign of a hidden clog or leak, because most of the time, your toilet might seem to be completely fine. The smell should be enough to call in the pros, but a rising water bill and the potential of mold will make it more urgent.

Dealing With Your Clogged Toilet Promptly

The faster you deal with your clogged toilet, the better off you'll be. When you let these problems fester or try to fix them yourself, you run the risk of making things much worse than they already are. Call a plumber and get your problems dealt with promptly.

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