What to Know if You Think about Glass Pool Fencing Installation Perth

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at 8:52am.

Hot, dry summers at the Australian west coast can be quite unbearable. Perth has lovely sunny beaches, but having a pool in your backyard is a thing. Still, that’s not something that everyone can afford. Although having a personal swimming area means hours and hours of enjoyment, one should rationally observe a pool's installation.

It's not just about digging a hole and waiting for construction to be done. There are many other things to think about if you want your time spent at the pool to be comfortable and, above all, safe. Some of these will require extra costs, so be ready for that when considering building a private swimming area.

Fencing is a must if you live in Perth, regardless of the pool type (above or in-ground). For justified reasons, the Australian government has passed a law on increased safety in the private swimming area. 

For more information on swimming area safety, see the page below:


Safe and Aesthetically Pleasing Fence

There are some differences in pool fence laws in states, but they are standardized by some basic parameters. As soon as your pool is deeper than 300mm, it is necessary to fence it. Thus, not only do you obey the law, but you also increase the safety of your swimming area. That's very important, especially if you have kids and pets.

The fact that something is prescribed by law doesn't mean that it's in contrast with the aesthetics of the swimming area in your yard. On the contrary, there is a large selection of pool fencing of different materials and designs, which can perfectly fit into the exterior of your property. 

Permanent structures made of glass are very aesthetically pleasing. These are the choice of most pool owners. Glass panels won’t block the view on your pool area, and they’ll look good, but keep in mind to install only high-quality fencing in accordance with Australian standards.

First Things to Consider

You should plan the fencing layout and research what you need to meet all requirements set by your city council. By sending a supplier the type of system your need and its dimensions, you can shorten this process. They'll send you back a diagram with the recommended configuration, height, and glass thickness, list of needed parts, and the estimated project price.

Before you begin with this project:

1.Prepare yourself thoroughly.

2.Inspect the site around the pool area for any available anchor points like footing or concrete slab.

3.Choose suitable fencing and work out all the required components.

4.Place an order for components and prepare the site for installation.

Preparing the site means you need to secure the fencing system by placing posts to secure the footing. Pouring concrete footing will do. A galvanized threaded rod secured into the concrete using a chemical anchor is the perfect foundation for secure pool fencing.

Professional Installation

The next thing is to think about how to install glass pool fencing Perth. Technically, setting up glass fencing is feasible as a DIY project. But to ensure that everything is by safety standards, it is always a better option to hire trained installers. If you still think of DIY installation, always have a professional inspection before letting anyone enter the pool.

You can choose whether to leave the fence installation to a general contractor or a company specializing in pool fencing. Hiring fencing experts is a more expensive option but give you peace of mind. They have the necessary skills and experience in this business. The job will be done quickly, and you can be sure that it meets all safety standards.

Glass Fencing Is Not Always Suitable

Glass Pool Fencing

Installing a transparent fence is an excellent choice, especially if you wish to keep the view undisturbed. Having a pool in a beautiful backyard is incredible, but not being able to enjoy the view can be quite uninspiring.

If that’s your case, installing glass fencing would solve this issue. It’s safe, secure, and it allows you to enjoy the site. Still, glass fencing isn’t always the best solution for every situation. So, choose wisely and base your choice on more factors than just the view.

For example, enjoying a rooftop swim on the top floor of a skyscraper is an incredible experience. Still, putting a transparent fence might be quite disturbing for some people, especially if they’re afraid of heights. Plus, it’s not always feasible to clean both sides of glass panels (if they are near the edges).

Scrapes and cracks can ruin the look of glass panels, but also reduce their safety purpose. Maybe you should consider some other type of pool fence if you have restless pets or kids jumping around, as they can scratch glass panels.

Maintaining Glass Fences Is Easy

One more thing to think about after installing glass panels around the swimming area is how complicated the maintenance is. In case the fence breaks or gets damaged, it’s easily replaceable with a new glass sheet. There’s no need to remove the entire installation but change the damaged piece with a new one.

Keeping a glass fence clean is relatively easy. As seen here, it’s no harder than cleaning your windows. Still, there are many surfaces to clean, so that might not be a positive side. If it’s hard to reach your glass wall fence (rooftop fencing), you might want to consider hiring professionals to do a cleaning service you need.

Also, check with the company that installed your transparent walls if they offer maintenance and cleaning service. You might even get some discounts as a regular customer. If not, some companies offer these services, and you won’t have any trouble finding them online.

Ensure that you consider everything when building a pool, like construction costs, regular maintenance, cosmetic upgrades, etc. Safety is a vital part when having a private swimming area in your backyard. You wouldn’t want anyone to have a bad time because you didn’t think about proper pool fencing on time.

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