What Questions Should I Ask a Painting Contractor Before Hiring Them?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, April 13th, 2020 at 9:50am.

There are hundreds of thousands of residential painters in the United States. While that's great from the perspective of the more painters there are, the better deals you'll get on services, it's not so great from the perspective of the issues that variety creates when deciding who to call on for help.

If you're having trouble selecting a painting contractor from the list of potential candidates you've narrowed down, our team of property experts is here to help!

Below, we share six questions you should ask every professional you're considering to find the perfect painter!

Questions You Should Ask A Painter

1. How Much Do You Charge for Estimates?

Since there are several paint contractors in any market and winning business can, consequently, be difficult for them, a few professionals try to make extra money by charging for estimates. While nobody can blame a painting contractor for trying to make ends meet, the reality is that there are too many professionals out there that offer free estimates to engage one that's charging.

Because of that, we recommend that the first question you ask a contractor is if their estimates are free. If they aren't, move on.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Every painting contractor should carry a business license and insurance.

A contractor without a license if operating their business illegally. A contractor without insurance might not be in violation of the law (depending on the state) but they run a risk to your property since if they break anything or get injured, you may be liable to pay damages.

3. Can I See Your Work/References?

You wouldn't hire a photographer without seeing pictures they've shot. The same should be true for painting contractors. Be sure to review any professional painter's past work and feel free to request actual references you can contact for peace of mind. You may also be able to find references on your painter's website, similar to what South Coast Painters offer.

Any painter that's not willing to share portfolio pieces or references should be avoided.

4. Are You Subcontracting This Job?

Several contractors try to make extra money by earning clients and reselling their work to other contractors at a lower rate. If that bothers you, let your painter know to make sure they'll be personally handling your account.

5. What Kind of Paint Do You Use?

A more expensive painter may be worth the price if they're using more vibrant, longer-lasting paint. Know what your product standards are and ensure that your painter is going to meet them.

Be wary of painters that use cut-rate products since poor paint will lead to you needing to get your painting redone.

6. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Any good painter gauntness their work for a period of time. What that period is will vary based on what's standard in your market.

Just be sure that some sort of warranty accompanies your painter's craftsmanship.

Taking Time to Find the Right Painting Contractor Is Worth the Effort

We understand that hiring professionals can be a stressful process. Still, taking the time to properly vet any painting contractor you're considering is well worth the effort.

By arming yourself with a great professional, you'll guarantee yourself a job well done.

For more information on property, both residential and commercial, read additional write-ups in our blog!

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