What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

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A real estate agent is a person whose business is to provide the selling or renting of houses, land, offices, or buildings for their sellers or buyers. Each day is unique to the next, and there is always something to learn in real estate!

A trustworthy real estate agent will do the following:

  • Keep up with the local real estate market. What are going rates? What are sellers closing costs break down? How much is transfer tax? What are the usual going rates of local real estate attorneys?
  • Stay up to date with active listings, acceptances, pending, and closed properties by constantly checking the MLS hot sheet.
  • Outline and regulate real estate appointments/showings, open houses, office meetings and business calls. 
  • Compose marketing plans, such as real estate postcards, newsletters, and blogs.
  • Acknowledge all real estate related calls and incoming emails. 
  • Update real estate blogs, social media accounts, and website pages.

How Do You Attract Real Estate Clients?

  • The real estate business can be quite competitive. Become an expert in areas in which you do the most business. Websites, postcards, billboards, fliers, and blogs are all channels that can be utilized in effective real estate agent marketing plans. Finding and assessing various marketing plans is integral to success.
  • Always talk about real estate with your friends, family, business associates and more; this will generate leads. 
  • Almost everyone you encounter is a potential client. At one time – or at multiple points in someone’s life – he/she will need to sell, rent buy a property. 

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Buyer’s Agent Duties: 

  • Meet with prospective buyers and identify their unique needs. Create a search and tailor it to their requirements.
  • Have buyers get pre-approved for a mortgage with a bank you recommend and have worked with before. This well help you have a better understanding of the potential buyer’s price range and exactly how much money the will be able to put down in their offer.  
  • Set them up with a saved search, so the will regularly receive emails showcasing listings that meet their needs.
  • Plan property showings according to your client’s schedule. Cater to their individual schedules and always arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Advise them on whether a home or property is a good deal for them. Know what position they are in, if they have any plans to renovate, or if they want to a house that is move-in ready.
  • As a licensed real estate professional, write up an offer to purchase on a home for which they would like to make an offer. 
  • Recommend a real estate attorney to your buyer, one with whom you’ve worked before and has excellent communication skills. 
  • After an offer gets accepted by the seller, have the buyer schedule a home inspection.
  • As an agent to the buyer, should the buyer ask for a credit due to findings from the home inspection report, kindly ask the seller’s agent if the seller can meet in the middle for the asking credit.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with buyers at all time. Keep them apprised of all new or updated information, such as in-home appraisal, arrival of the title, a commitment letter, and the final walk-through before the closing.

Seller’s Agent Duties: 

  • Meet and comprehend the needs of sellers and their new listings.
  • Highlight your real estate knowledge, negotiation skills, and marketing tools you have used in the past to effectively sell properties. 
  • Research market and pull comparable homes that have sold in the area to show your seller. 
  • List the property in multiple locations, as many as possible.
  • Take professional photos of the property, exterior and interior. 
  • Stage the home properly, so it shows well and conduct open houses.
  • Communicate with your seller always! If an offer comes in, explain to the seller why this may be a good or bad decision to take it.
  • As a knowledgeable real estate agent, always call the buyer’s mortgage lender once you receive an offer. It is your job to protect the seller and ensure them that the buyer can afford your home.
  • Provide additional comps to the home appraiser, so he/she sees what has recently sold in the area. 

Developing Professional Relationships As A Real Estate Agent:

  • Maintain client relationships over time with regular communication, such as phone calls, lunches, newsletters, and holiday greetings.
  • Connect with buyers’ agents to find potential buyers for their listings. Agents all work together with one another; 90% of deals are made with another local agent.
  • Build a database of the most reputable licensed and insured contractors, landscapers, painters, and other home improvement professionals to recommend to your clients.
  • Keep in connection with title companies, appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage lenders to get your clients the best deals and the correct going mortgage rates.

Real estate agents build strong relationships, and this is precisely why you want to hire a full-time real estate agent to help you sell your home. Your real estate agent should be a professional who works seven days a week, always takes your calls, responds to your emails in a timely fashion, and leads you in the right direction throughout the process.

Some homeowners mistakenly believe they can sell their home on their own, and hire an agent only after they’ve grown exhausted and discouraged. Save yourself the time and hire a real estate agent from the beginning. Find a local agent with who has an excellent reputation by reading all their reviews. Local real estate agents who are true professionals will facilitate a smooth transaction by guiding you from start to finish. Your agent uses his/her connections and pre-existing relationships with buyers’ agents to get the word out about your home even before it’s officially listed. There is a substantial amount of behind-the scenes networking your agent does on your behalf before your property even hits the market. Often times, you may receive offers within the first few days and weeks on the market. Again, hiring a professional real estate agent with a trustworthy reputation is the most effective and efficient way to sell your home or property.

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