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Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 8:19am.

House owners often tend to overestimate the value of their property. The immaterial value that their home has for them cannot be expressed with money. But when it comes to the sale of real estate, it is necessary to be realistic and extremely objective.

According to http://cash4texashouses.com, the real estate market is quite turbulent, and supply and demand change cyclically. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate the exact moment at which you will announce the sale of your property.

When the supply of real estate on the market is low, the chance to sell your property is higher because there are no other offers. These situations rarely happen; having many houses on sale and a fight for every customer is a more common situation. Even then, it is possible to sell your property at a market price, if you follow some rules.

Sell Property Above Market Value Casandra Properties


Hire a Real Estate Expert

Hiring an expert agent who knows the local real estate market is a great way to achieve the desired sale price. Experienced realtors have the knowledge and skills to convince buyers that buying your property is a good move, even though the price may be above their budget.

By using a variety of communication skills, a real estate agent will explain to potential buyers that your property is the best value they can get for their money. And in order to do so, a realtor's presentation of your home must be supported by evidence. Exaggerating and praising something usually has a counter-effect. That's why real estate agents approach prospective buyers by helping them imagine their life in that house.

Timing Is Everything

Many factors affect the supply and demand of the real estate market - seasons, political and economic events, and even stock market trends. To make it easier to see when the time is right to advertise your property, narrow your research to the local market (your block, suburb, or entire city if you live in a smaller town).

Take a look at what other sellers are offering and compare your offer with theirs. However, do not adjust your price solely to the prices of similar objects on the market. If your goal is to sell a house for a higher price, try to create the real price yourself. 

If you offer something that other homes do not have, and buyers consider it important, you can set a higher price. If some features of your property can significantly affect its value, consider auctioning your house to get the best deal possible. Find out here what the benefits of this type of sales are.

Make Your House Look Good

The first impression that potential buyers will make about your home is crucial to making a sale. Your goal should be to present your property in the best light. Those who see it should be thrilled and 'fall in love' with it.

As buyers approach your house, they will look at it more closely. Things that seem like no big deal to you, such as leaves you haven't collected or a broken porch board, have a significant impact on the value of the property. Therefore, when you expect potential buyers to arrive (agents will always announce the arrival and thus give you time to prepare the house for the tour), everything must be in perfect order.

Be sure to mow the lawn, sweep fallen leaves, pick up all the trash and unnecessary things from the trails and porch. Beautify the entrance to the house with flowers and comfortable outdoor furniture. Make sure your home looks exactly like on photos.

Tidy Up the Interior

Sell Property Casandra Properties

Remodel and refresh the space. The goal is to make rooms look spacious, making it easier for buyers to imagine what their future life in this house will look like. Let space breathe with warmth and comfort - place curtains, pillows, carpets, floral arrangements, and fruit balls. Let the bright colors dominate the area.

But various types of buyers have different styles and tastes. So it's best to arrange your house neutrally, without too many details and personal items. If buyers manage to connect with your home, the chances are good that they will pay the price you asked for without discussion.

Keep in mind that this method of attracting customers may require some additional costs. You might have to hire a professional interior stylist. But if the sale succeeds, these expenses will be covered with the price you get.

Consider all the good sides of your property and how you will present them to buyers. People are more easily connected to a pleasant environment where they feel good. If you want to get the desired price for your property, you have to make buyers feel like home.

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