Wall Mounted Key Lock Box Buying Guide

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 at 8:22am.

As individuals, we own various things in life, which we cherish so much and do not wish to lose. This is why we need locks. Our doors have locks, the same goes for our lockers, drawers, wardrobes, and other places or gadgets we hide our possessions. 

The locks in the objects, as mentioned earlier, comes with keys which are used to lock them in place and open when needed. Keeping these keys might seem easy, but yet it is not. Take, for instance, someone who has keys for various locks; office drawers, house keys, office door keys, etc. Such a person would surely not want to carry around a massive bunch of keys, which can be uncomfortable. 

They will only want to take along the essential set of keys while keeping the rest and their spares safe. It is common for people to hide these kinds of keys under their doormat, near the window, flower vase, or even with their neighbor. We have heard theft and burglary stories caused by the careless act of putting the key under the doormat. Most people know that it is a common practice, so it is easy for a burglar to get the key and cart away your property confidently.

It is high time you think outside the box by investing in a key lockbox, which helps you safeguard your key and simplify the sharing of the key.  

This article looks deeply into the various key lockbox. It considers the capacity and design to guide you when buying key lockboxes.


Master Lock 5400d Portable Key Lockbox

This lockbox holds up to five sets of keys firmly and is suitable for use outside and inside the house. All that is required of you is to place your keys into the lockbox carefully and set your unique 4-digit combination as you desire from the presented code options. Also, you can easily hang this lockbox over your doorknob. The vinyl-coated shackle the lockbox possesses protects it from getting scratched while the metal body makes it durable. The lockbox also has a shutter door, which prevents the dials from getting damaged due to weather. This lockbox comes with a limited warranty which lasts for a lifetime, and this further makes it a fantastic choice for users.

Kingsley Guard-A-Key Realtor’s Key Lockbox 

This lockbox from Kingsley, a renowned manufacturer of lockbox has a design which allows it to hold up to 10 sets of key. The combination code is not easy to guess for a third party as it is over 10000. Kingsley's lockbox is reliable, easy to recalibrate, secure, and safe, and very easy to operate. You can open this lockbox from the side so that the door element still remains when you open the key safe. No weather can cause havoc to this lockbox because it is constructed with metal. It has a camouflage design and can easily be set up and reset when the need arises. Hang the lockbox over a fence railing or other safe places.

Kiddle Accesspoint 00413 Key Lockbox

Seamlessly fix this lockbox to a wall or any form of flat suface to ensure you mount it securely. The modern design and slimline this lockbox boast of makes it beautiful. You can use this lockbox outside as it has a rust-proof white clamshell and is made with weather-resistant metal. Although it can only hold two keys, it still comes in handy when you need to keep your spare keys. It is equipped with an effortless push-button to quickly set up, reset, and update as the need arises. Lastly, you can choose from the fantastic several colors and sizes available from the same manufacturer.

Oria Resettable Key Storage Lockbox

Handy and robust, this lockbox can hold up to 5 keys. You can personalize the box as you desire by choosing from the available 10000 different code options using the four dial password number pad. Your lockbox does not have to look out of shape because it is available in different colors, so you get to choose the one that matches your property. It can fit perfectly for indoor or outdoor usage, depending on where it is needed. It has anti-rust, and it is immune to water. 

Kiddle 001795 Combination Touchpoint Entry Key Locker

Do you need to secure a large set of keys safely? Then choose this lockbox that can hold as much as 30 sets of keys with a distinct clutch mechanism that averts forced entry. You can easily hang your keys on separate hooks on the key tags in the lockbox. It can quickly be mounted to the wall because it comes with holes already drilled in, as well as wall anchors and screws. This unit is reliable, durable, and trusted to help you store your keys securely and safely. The presence of heavy-duty 16 gauge set makes this unit very strong.

Master Lock 5432d Push Button Lockbox

Securely store up to 5 keys and set your unique code, either numeric or alpha, to keep the keys safe. When you buy this unit, you get all the hardware needed to install and fix the lockbox to the wall. It is fortified with weather-protected cover and a metal body, which makes the unit last longer. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can safely store keys and access cards.

Qeri Wall Mounted Secure Lockbox

This unit helps you to store your spare keys safely. It does it with so much ease by helping you save them in a single set instead of multiple. It is easy to mount to the wall, especially as the manufacturer has provided you with all the kit you require. It is designed with zinc alloy which makes it durable and resistant to weather

Keyguard Sl-590 Punch Button Wall Mount Lockbox

Made with a durable ABS plastic cover that prevents it from weather damage, this lockbox offers you convenience and safety. Quickly memorize the combination code with the standard phone style keypad, which is out of sight. It is easy to operate and is suitable for use at home and even in the office.

Protech Wall Mounted Push Button Lockbox

Easily attach this lockbox to any solid surface inside your home or outside with the enclosed screws and mounting anchors and safely store your spare setoff keys. Like most lockboxes, this unit has a water-resistant rubber cover, which prevents snow and rain. It is easy to install, access, and operate with the push-button pad. You only need to remember your chosen number and use them when you want to open the lockbox, it does not necessarily have to be in the correct sequence.

Lockforce Key Lock

If you want a permanent place to store your keys, you need to consider this lockbox. It is a perfect choice for use indoors and outdoors. The catching point is the weather-resistant design coupled with a free waterproof case which protects the keypad from unfavorable weather conditions. You only need to mount the unit on your wall in minutes, set your pin code, and store your spare key set securely.

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