Underground vs. Above Ground Propane Tank: What Is Right for You?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, December 28th, 2019 at 9:37am.

For many people, fueling their home is a no-brainer. They go with central heating and cooling without asking questions. 

The truth is, using propane provides several benefits to homeowners. It can be a cheaper alternative and it’s more eco-friendly than other fueling sources. 

However, before you make the switch, you’ll need to figure out whether to get an underground or above ground propane tank. To help you decide, we’re going over some factors to consider.  

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Cost Considerations

Switching to propane will lower your bills in the long-run. However, there are some expenses you’ll need to consider when starting out. 

It’s important to keep in mind that both above ground and underground propane tanks function the same way. You can also get any size tank for either option. 

A downside of an underground propane tank is they’re more expensive to install. Aside from the process of burying the tank, professionals must add features to protect it against corrosion and groundwater contamination. 

Once the installation is complete your expenses will even out. 


Because an above-ground tank is exposed, there are more safety concerns you’ll need to consider. When thinking about these issues, keep in mind where you plan to install your tank. 

If you have children, you may not want a tank in your yard. While there’s nothing wrong with standing close to one, children may feel tempted to play around or on it. 

An exposed tank may also be the target of vandalism or attempted theft. Think about the crime in your area and whether it presents a problem. 

Finally, if your above-ground tank is anywhere near the street, there’s the possibility a vehicle could strike it during an accident.  

The Appearance of Your Lawn 

Let’s face it, propane tanks aren’t attractive. One of the biggest benefits of an underground tank is it’s out of sight.

If you value the aesthetic appearance of your lawn, going with an underground tank will suit you better. This is especially true if you need a large tank. Above-ground units are difficult to hide. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Depending on the size of your home and property, you may be able to conceal an above-ground tank so it doesn’t stand out too much.  

Environmental Conditions 

The last thing you should consider is the climate and geographic conditions in your region and on your property. 

If you live in a place that’s prone to freezing, an underground tank may be the better option. Because they’re buried, they can handle cold temperatures. 

However, if you experience regular flooding, you may run into trouble with an underground tank. They can shift and move if the water level rises too much. 

Find the Best Underground or Above Ground Propane Tank

When deciding between an underground or above ground propane tank, remember that both provide equally efficient service. The right one for you depends on your property and preference. 

If you’re having trouble coming to a decision, have a professional inspect your home and offer their input. 

We hope this article has helped you out. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more residential real estate content.

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