Top 5 Cities to Live in Canada—Ranked!

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 at 8:36pm.

Canada is ranked as the second-best country in the world, according to a study by Randstad. It’s no wonder, with its low unemployment rates, inclusivity, universal healthcare, and the beautiful sites you get to see. 

It makes sense that people from all over the world are flocking there and ready to make it their new home. Just like in any country, you’ll need to do your research on what city is best for you and your family so you can get the most out of your move. Here are the top five best cities to live in Canada, ranked. 

Top 5 Cities in Canada

5. Calgary

Calgary is one of the more “American” cities in Canada, mostly because it is known for having a “cowboy nature” to it. It is also known to lean conservatively with its social policies. It is less diverse than other cities in Canada, but is working hard to change that every year.

It is known for its low crime rate, low sales tax, and a great transportation system. You will also find a diverse mix of art, food, film, and festivals in the city. It does have a high cost of living, but also provides the opportunity for outdoor adventures such as going to the zoo and paddling on the river. 

4. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and provides excellent work opportunities, a low crime rate, affordable housing options, expansive nature, and a diverse cultural scene.

Compared to Toronto and Vancouver, it does not have as dynamic a social and cultural experience, but you will still be able to find a considerable amount of art and theater to keep you interested. There is also a ton of outdoor activities, as the considerable nature provides you with numerous parks.

3. Montréal

Montréal is a great city to move to, especially if you’re from Europe. The official language is French, and though you may have a harder time just knowing English, it is quite a bilingual city and you could get away with it. It was once known as Canada’s cultural capital, so it offers a large variety of culture and entertainment, such as museums and theaters.

Montréal is one of the most affordable cities in Canada, with cheaper housing options and a lot of employment opportunities. The general consensus is that the quality of life is quite high in Montréal. 

2. Toronto

Behind Vancouver, Toronto is one of the best cities to live in Canada, especially for immigrants. About half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada. It is the country’s most ethnically diverse city, hosting over 230 nationalities. This has led it to being an extremely accepting and socially progressive city.

There are tons of museums, sports events, and delicious cuisine to experience. However, though the employment opportunities are numerous in Toronto, it is the most expensive city in Canada in terms of cost of living, but does host the top housing market

1. Vancouver

Vancouver is the best city in Canada to live and work, because of its culture and nature. It is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada, with over half of the population speaking a language other than English. It has a large LGBTQIA+ community and hosts one of the biggest pride parades in the world. It ranks high in healthcare, education and the environment.

It has beautiful mountains and the Pacific ocean for sites to see. It is also known for being one of the best places to ski, snowboard, surf, and whale watch. It has a lot of employment opportunities, but is also one of the most expensive cities in Canada. 

Best Cities To Live In Canada 

If you’re looking to find the best cities to live in Canada for you and your family, consider first what is most important to you. Is it the nightlife? Perhaps being able to find affordable housing? Do you need to live in a place that is very inclusive?

Figure out what is most important to you, and find the city that provides that and more! Check out even more of our articles for extra lifestyle tips. 

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