This Is How Commercial Pest Control Differs From Residential

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 at 3:49pm.

Pests do not discriminate. They reside in residential and commercial spaces where there is food, water, and shelter and cause significant damage. 

But did you know there are major differences between residential and commercial pest control services? This article will examine the differences between residential and commercial pest control and help you decide which service is better for you. 

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Commercial Pest Control Offers More Services

Most homes require the same or similar types of residential pest control services because residential homes do not differ that much from each other. Pest control for homes can be solved by employing the same approach every time at each residence. 

Residential pest control companies don’t offer as many services as commercial companies. Because they offer fewer services they can’t customize services like commercial pest control services. 

Commercial buildings have a lot more variation. Pest control companies must offer more services and approaches for commercial clients. The pest control services required for a restaurant would be much different than a retail store, or even a hospital. 

Commercial pest control companies know how to create a plan to tackle the business needs of each individual company and help them make pests a problem of the past. 

Services Multiple Properties

Commercial pest control companies are different from a residential exterminator because they anticipate that there will be multiple properties that will require services. 

For instance, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial locations may have more than one location that requires service. A commercial pest control service can meet with the owner of a business and set up a schedule to service all of their locations. 

A commercial pest control company has the knowledge and expertise to help protect all of the business’s properties and create a custom treatment plan for each site.

They will focus on getting rid of the bugs and keeping them gone for good at all the different locations no matter the type of business. 

Commercial Pest Control Is Flexible

Residential customers expect flexible scheduling options from pest control companies but commercial customers need even greater flexibility. A business can’t keep its customers or employees waiting and but sometimes a pest problem just can’t wait. 

Commercial pest control companies meet their commercial clients’ timelines. They ensure their employee's work is a healthy, pest-free environment and that the customers have positive experiences. 

Best of all, you don’t have to slow down or shut down your business to have a service. Commercial pest control companies understand business owners are busy and will work with you to find a time that suits your needs. 

Requires Greater Frequency

Frequency is another difference between residential and commercial pest control services. Residential accounts are generally services, yearly, quarterly, or even monthly. 

Commercial accounts may require more frequent services. These accounts can receive service daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on their treatment plan. Very rarely does a commercial account only receive service once a year or once a quarter. 

Commercial pest control companies allow commercial accounts to schedule their services around their needs. If you have an important project or deadline coming up and you need a week off from your pest control treatment plan you can always pause it and resume as soon as you are able. 

If you have an outside inspection coming soon and you need to step up your services that can also be arranged. Anything is possible. Be sure to tell your pest control company what you need. They will be happy to work with you and your schedule. 

Requires More Communication

Communication will almost always be different between a business or residential pest control account. Most homeowners never ask for a label or request a material safety data sheet, MSDS. 

But commercial accounts should always keep a copy of this information on file at their locations. They need to know every product that is used for their pest control treatments. Commercial pest control companies provide the information needed for businesses to pass important safety inspections. 

Having all of this information written on the service ticket or in a neat inspection report saves the business time and money. It also helps keep them organized and ready to pass their inspections. 

Treats Different Environments

Generally speaking, residential properties are typically smaller than commercial properties. Residential properties and homes also tend to attract similar varieties of pests that most businesses will not encounter. 

In a residential home, it is common to find bedbugs, ants, termites, and other small critters. These pests live in residential homes because they are fabric heavy environments and these are the conditions they prefer. 

Commercial properties are less likely to get bedbugs but they are much more likely to get cockroaches and rats. That’s because commercial properties are more likely to have favorable conditions for these types of pests. 

Make sure you shoes a pest control company that knows how to protect against the specific types of pests that are bothering you and your business.

A residential pest control company may not have the equipment on hand that is necessary to protect your business from common commercial pests. 

Shared spaces can mean a shared pest problem. If your business operates in an office building, mall, or another type of shared business space if your neighbors have a pest problem it means you too have a pest problem. 

Act fast to resolve pest problems in factories, cafeterias, and parking garages before it creates further damage to your building and problems. 

There Is No Substitute for Commercial Pest Control

Whether you run a single location business or a huge multi-campus company, chances are you are going to need commercial pest control. Residential pest control can offer the same services, flexibility, and treatments that a commercial pest company can provide. 

Make your pest problems a thing of the past and set up a service schedule that fits your needs. Ask about different treatments and plans that fit your business’s needs. 

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