The Process of Restoration for Fire Damage in North Hollywood

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, December 13th, 2020 at 12:40pm.

A fire in your house is always a nightmare. The damage can disrupt your life, and you see everything that you've worked through the years go up in ashes. When the fire is put out, and you see that everyone is safe, getting into your property and looking at the losses is just the first step.

It would be best to consider getting a restoration done since the fire creates corrosion on burned materials inside your home. There are also smoke, soot, and other damages that you have to deal with. This is why it's essential to visit as soon as possible to begin the restoration process, even if the firemen are still battling the flames. When your property is cleared, you may still be able to salvage some of your mementos and belongings that matter to you most.

Hopefully, you'll never experience a fire in your life. However, you may still wonder what exactly the experts do during a fire restoration process. The restoration process involves repairing the materials, furniture, and other things that were damaged by smoke, fire, and other corrosive by-products after a fire. This consists of removing the odors and soot and involves complex processes. Some of these processes are the following:

1. Damage Assessment

After confirming that your house in North Hollywood is safe to enter, the experts will perform thorough assessments of the overall damages that were done by the flames and water. The contractors will typically assess the scope of the smoke and flames on the structure and how extensive the needed clean-up should be. You can know more about what to do in case of a house fire on this site.

In this step, there are assessments on pieces of furniture, mementos, and more, and the experts determine whether there's still a chance that they can be restored. Others may be discarded because they are beyond repair. At the end of the appraisal, the company will have a better view of what things look like, the work they need to do, how long the process will take, and an estimate of the costs written on paper.

2. Debris Removal and Securing the Property

After the inspection has been performed, the next thing to do is secure the entire property in North Hollywood. This can include boarding up the windows, installing fences, and preventing vandals from breaking and entering. The whole perimeter will be freed from debris and remnants of the fire. There's also tarping involved, sealing off some parts of the roof to protect it from falling, and averting further destruction from weather elements such as rain.

If there are areas that are still safe and the flames did not impact these, the professionals will separate these rooms and seal them off so that they will not be cross-contaminated with the rest of the property. The debris removal is carefully done, and each item is assessed because the right company knows that your belongings and mementos are important to you. 

3. Further Demolishing, Mitigation of Water, and Drying Everything Out

This step is done to prevent further damage from mold and corrosion. The professionals try to remove as much water as possible and dry out the entire home. The personal items, furniture, and ashes will be carefully removed because the moisture in them can promote moss, mold, and bacteria growth. Read more about mold growth after disasters here:

If there's drywall that's damaged beyond repair, it will be demolished, and you can decide if you want to do a major renovation in the future. The materials on the floors, roofs, stairs, and basements will be detached, as necessary. Many companies today are using water extraction equipment to dry out a house. The roof tarps are still in place during this step to prevent rainwater or snow from coming in. 

4. Smoke Removal and Clean Up

Fire Damage

The most intensive part of the restoration process is the clean-up. This is the step that typically involves hard manual labor where soot and smoke are properly cleaned from the exterior and interior surfaces. Every inch is cleaned and disinfected in your house.

After the thorough clean-up, a deodorizing agent will remove the smoke and any lingering odors. If there's a need to perform water damage restoration, there may be antimicrobial and deodorizing solutions to improve your property's situation.

Getting everything cleaned with effective solutions can halt mold growth that can subsequently follow if everything remains damp. Any things that can still be saved are packed and transported into an off-site center to be restored into their original state before the fire. The clean-up will also involve a thorough soot removal, eliminate smoke in the duct systems, and get rid of all the debris around the property. You can expect a clear and clean home afterward.

5. Restoration and Construction

The final step in helping you return your home into a habitable state is to perform repairs. The areas are usually rebuilt again, with the roof getting top priority. Afterward, the walls, ceilings, floors, and rooms are next to be repaired and renovated. Any parts that are considered unsalvageable will be removed and replaced in the soonest time possible.

Others that may need a complete replacement include the roof, electrical wires, paint, drywall, counters, fixtures, and floor materials. Before you know it, you'll be back to your home in the soonest possible time, and most of the things are what they used to be. You can also opt to replace some appliances with newer ones to last longer since they are also less prone to start another fire.

The Right Company Can Help


With fire restoration companies, you can expect someone to respond to you in times of disaster. You can trust the experts to do damage control and get things back to normal again. These professionals will be available 24/7, and you can lean on them when there's an emergency. 

They will respond to the mess, assess the damage, board up and secure your house, and start drying out the water to prevent mold from growing. Others will be a true partner in your renovation project and help you in the claims process of insurance.


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