The Power Hour (Ep.15) Finding Our Brightest Light During The Darkest Time

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Episode 15: The Power Hour: Finding Our Brightest Light During The Darkest Time

For this 15th episode to the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO James Prendamano sits down with Rev. Dr. Demetrius Carolina, Director of the Central Living Family Center not-for-profit organization that does tremendous things for the community. James introduces Rev. Dr. Demetrius Carolina as “the most genuine person he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting” and values their friendship and frequent collaboration on projects together immensely. He emphasizes how the Reverend Doctor selflessly provides tremendous service to so many, making such a dynamic impact on communities here on Staten Island.

Background and Education

The Reverend Doctor grew up in a Harlem, Manhattan. In his early teen years, his family relocated to Camden, New Jersey. As a boy, he would spend summers with his family in South Carolina, which he fondly recalls upon and says he loved more than anything – living off the land, but we’ll get back to that in a bit! He found his way to Staten Island 16 years ago and has mad an immense impact on the community. 

Although he was accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in the US, a name which he humbly omits, Rev. Dr. Carolina earned his associates degree from a community college. He says “he did not want to waste his mother’s money.” After his first degree, he started teaching, plus earned his bachelors in social sciences and history at the same time. And while the Reverend Doctor  pursued his Masters degree from Temple University, he also taught courses at the same time, mind you, as an adjunct professor. Rev. Dr. Carolina’s  education took a tremendous amount of hard work and time, and during the time he spent studying, he was working, as well. Rev. Doctor Carolina would then receive his doctorate from NYU; and throughout his career that followed, he has taught myriad classes at colleges and universities up and down the east coast.

An Epiphany at Age 16

Rev. Dr. Carolina not only “the calling,” but he heard it at 16 years old, which is when he became a licensed Baptist Minister. In a very funny exchange, James notes how at 16 years old, he couldn’t “find his backside in a closet.” Prendamano further says, “Just now at 45 years old, I am finally starting to get a little bit of a handle of who I want to be when I grow up. And you knew at age 16. Remarkable!”

Rev. Dr. Carolina, notes that a spiritual calling from G*d like the one I had is different, but it’s not unlike sales, if you will. “It’s always there. You’re born with it.” It’s a fire within you. You answer the call because you hear it louder than others do at times. It’s inside your soul, says Rev. Dr. Carolina. 

Healthy Eating

“Food is medicine,” as Hippocrates once said, “Medicine is food.” Everything grown from the earth has a purpose, both the Reverend Doctor and James agree, together, noting how our foods and they way they are processed has changed over the last several decades. That, together, with environmental toxins, is giving rise to major health issues and compromising our immune systems.

James Prendamano also notes how cleaner eating has improved his health, level of energy, and mental acuity over the last few years, also giving a shout out to Dr. Piazza on Forest Avenue. It was he who first stressed the importance of eating ‘whole foods,’ unaltered, without GMOS to James Prendamano.

Mind, Body, & Spirit 

Rev. Doc Carolina talks about the importance of mind, body, and soul all being in harmony. “If you feed your mind, but don’t take care of your body, you’re weak. If you take care of your body but don’t educate yourself, you’re weak in the mind. And if you don’t satisfy what your soul needs, there will be a void in your life that you cannot seem to fill.

Rev. Dr. Carolina meditates every day, sometimes several times a day, depending upon “whatever he’s dealing with at the time.” The Reverend Doctor gives a great introduction to meditation on this podcast episode, breaking it down in easy steps; watch here! James Prendamano talks about his father’s ongoing battle with cancer, giving it the good fight at Sloane Kettering.  The good folks at Sloane are making tremendous strides with immunotherapy which has definitely made a difference in my father’s case, says James Prendamano.

The Good Folks and Good Works of Central Family Life Center 

Reverend Doctor Carolina’s congregation, The Central Family Life Center on Staten Island, does so many incredible deeds for the communities that need it most. Describing it as a full-service not-for-profit on and off shore Staten Island, it operates 17 different community programs, says Rev. Doc. Carolina. Among his many achievements – and note that they are for other people, not himself -- the Rev. Doc. Carolina is most proud – as well he should be – for having been able to bring the Eagle Academy to Staten Island. “90% of the Eagle Academy graduates go on successfully in college. These kids are able to have incredibly bright futures now,” he notes.

Want to hear more about from James Prendamano and the dynamic Reverend Doctor Demetrius Carolina? Listen to the entire podcast! 

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