The "JMan" Plan (Ep.6): How To Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, August 7th, 2020 at 9:54am.

Episode 6: The "JMan" Plan: How To Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Meet JMan!

Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano sits down with Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis and Jeremias "JMan" Maneiro Of JMan Seminars, an esteemed professional real estate speaker and broker who hails from Rochester, New York. JMan’s energy and enthusiasm cannot be contained, and neither can his passion for what he does. He’s an accomplished public speaker in the real estate industry and a successful associate broker.

As a kid, JMan was so filled with energy, the teachers had a hard time reining him in. He describes himself as an A-student, but impulsive, who just didn’t do well in the school setting. After high school, JMan’s father thought it best to send him to trade school, and he started in a field that he hated. That’s when he realized he should study business management and found the real estate industry. JMan is a forward thinker with an infectious personality, which motivates people to reach their potential, as he has done for himself.  He has the ability to effect change and grow your real estate business. And it’s all about being yourself. 

JMan had spoken regular with the professionals at Casandra Properties this Spring 2020, virtually, throughout the course of the lockdown. As we all know, it was and still is a difficult time, but also a great time to effect change. This is what JMan Maneiro is all about. The Casandra Properties realtors also became ePro certified at this time, which taught them how to post social media content to help leverage their personal brand and their business. This is JMan’s specialty, being authentic and conveying that message steadily. Authenticity tied to technology is the winning combination for success. 

Social Media Sells Real Estate

And it’s all about being yourself on social media, with a focus on Instagram, Facebook and videos. JMan says to apply a 70/30 rule when it comes to social media posting -- 70% personal and 30% business related. No one wants to read a list of the awards that you’ve won in your district. It’s just boring. They know you’re successful; they want to get to know you. They’re looking for a human connection. Oh, they see you have two children; I have two children. That sort of thing. For example, as JMan point out, James’ fly-fishing video with his son has the most engagement on Instagram than anything else. That’s what people want to see, insists JMan: your hobbies, your interests, your values. 

Social Media and the Pandemic

With regard to social media for real estate professionals, the major rules are no religion, no politics. Ever. And don’t be a downer. Stop reporting the rates of infection. That’s counterintuitive to both social connections --  and to business. All of these negative factors will end up hurting your business; it has nothing to do with your real estate business. Coronavirus isn’t a political movement right now. You wear the masks to be a good steward of society, to stay safe. That’s it. He talks about how Zoom meetings have surged, as we have seen over these last few months during the pandemic; it not only allows us to save more time, it’s safer. If there’s one thing people certainly welcome it’s a more efficient use of their time, more time with the family, friends, etc.

With the pandemic ushering in a greater digital wave, JMan says he has been waiting to go virtual his whole life. And much like James Prendamano, he’s always stayed on the forefront of emerging technologies. With virtual tours, JMan and James agree that with this new technology, your first physical showing is actually a reshowing of the property. They’ve already seen the property previously in an immersive Matterport tour. There are no surprises in size the scale of things. These are the people who are serious about purchasing a home. This is what I mean by saving time. It’s about the quality of showings, not the quantity. JMan adds, with the new technology we have in place, we can keep you safer with ‘touchless showings.’ Prior to the showing, the realtor opens up some cabinets, closets, and doors – to reduce the chances of touching. Any area that is touched is sanitized afterward. The world has changed, indeed, on a digital level and in. personal safety. 

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