The Benefits of Virtual Home Tours for Home Buying/Selling in 2021

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, April 1st, 2021 at 9:49am.

Over 50% of home buyers find their new homes through the internet. With wow-worthy website content, you can draw more buyers in. Plain, still images aren't enough to boost sales, though.

Instead, consider offering virtual home tours this year.

Virtual house tours are the perfect addition to any marketing strategy. With COVID quarantines still in place, many people are prioritizing their safety. By offering video home tours, you can reach those buyers without risking their health.

That's not all! Here are six ways offering a virtual real estate tour could help you boost sales. 

Benefits of Virtual Tours

1. Boost Website Traffic

Are you struggling to attract people to your listing? Over 60% of people struggle to generate traffic and leads. Once you do attract people to your site, it's a struggle to convert them.

In fact, 80% of leads never become sales. Meanwhile, over 95% of site visitors aren't ready to buy.

With eye-catching virtual tours, you can attract more traffic to your website. You won't have to wait for people to schedule a tour in-person. Instead, you can create content people want.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to help your website rank higher on search engines. The higher you rank, the more people will see your listings. Then, you can generate even more traffic.

When determining rankings, Google looks for unique, high-quality content.

Creating virtual house tour videos could help your website stand out.

As your ranking improves, you'll reach more potential buyers. Better yet, you'll rank above the competition. Buyers will see your website and listing before anyone else's.

Once you start attracting more people to your listing, you can use your virtual house tours to drive their interest. More people will contact you about the listing, helping you find new leads!

2. Save Time

Putting your home up for sale can cost you valuable time. You'll have to vet every potential buyer. Then, you'll need to schedule an in-person tour and walk them through the property.

Unfortunately, not every person is a sale. Most people are just curious or looking around.

You could waste valuable time and energy with in-person tours. 

Instead, consider the benefits of virtual home tours. Multiple buyers can tour your listing at the same time. Once they complete the property tour, they can decide if the property is right for them.

Then, they can contact you feeling more informed. They might decide to make an offer on the spot.

Virtual tours will help you distinguish interested buyers from people who are only curious. 

By offering virtual house tours, you can save yourself and the buyer time.

3. Offer Value

Remember, more people are staying home in light of COVID-19. Many buyers are looking online for listings. A single still image won't entice them to learn more, though.

Instead, you can provide buyers with a valuable virtual property tour. They can learn more about your listing without leaving the couch.

You can add descriptions and details to your tours to give buyers the information they need.

You'll have an easier time engaging your target audience with a stunning virtual real estate tour. They'll feel like they've stepped foot into the property.

It's important to find ways to meet and exceed the buyer's expectations. Otherwise, they'll turn toward other listings.

Offering virtual tours will help your customers feel valued. You're appealing to their needs. You won't force them to schedule an in-person tour. Instead, you'll show buyers you care about their needs and interests.

Need help? Learn what to do if you need to sell your property.

4. Stand Out From Competitors

Are there a lot of homes for sale in your area? If you feel like you're up against a lot of competition, consider virtual property tours. Offering buyers virtual tours will help your property stand out. 

You can start attracting attention from buyers before others in the area. People will see the value you have to offer and choose your listing first.

Virtual tours are more engaging and interactive. They're also more likely to help buyers see the beauty of your property. A still image, on the other hand, doesn't give people much information.

With a virtual tour, you can walk people through every room. You can add a voiceover to offer more information, too. Then, you can showcase the value your home can offer.

5. Offer Ease and Convenience

Is your property clean and staged? Are you ready to start engaging prospective buyers? Do you have a strategy for selling your home?

The entire process can feel stressful and exhausting. You have to make sure your home is pristine and ready for guests. If you fail to stage your home, it might not attract buyers.

Instead, consider virtual house tours. You'll only need to "give" your tour once. 

Then, you'll have a recorded version of your tour that any buyer can find online. You won't have to worry about cleaning and staging. Instead, your property will remain ready for buyers 24/7, online.

6. Highlight Key Features

In order to interest buyers, it's important to make a strong first impression. How will you draw buyers in? Why does your listing stand out from the rest?

Still images don't always do a great job at showcasing the value your home can offer. With a virtual tour, however, you can highlight every key feature.

As you complete the walk-through, you can focus on different aspects of each room. Highlighting key features will give your home more value. Buyers can then zoom in and examine specific details.

Whether you have a media room, a stunning pool, or an open-space plan, you can show it off!

Start Selling: 6 Amazing Benefits of Virtual Home Tours

Don't lose the chance to reel in buyers. Instead, consider these amazing benefits of virtual home tours. By offering virtual tours, you can attract more buyers and make a strong sale!

Looking for more helpful tips and tricks? We have exactly what you're looking for. Explore our latest posts today for more useful advice. 


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