The Benefits Of Selling Your Home To A National Home Buyer

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 at 7:17pm.

Benefits of selling Casandra Properties

Are you in a hurry to sell your house? You’re probably panicking about the upcoming process of hiring a realtor, showing your home to a bunch of strangers and waiting for some of them to give a solid offer. What if this stressful and time-consuming period can be avoided? 

It really can be, if you decide to sell your property to a homebuyer company, such as Stewardship Properties, purchasing properties in an incredibly short timeframe, without performing a detailed inspection of their condition. 

Doing business with such a company will save you plenty of time, additional expenses as well as give you an opportunity to move on with your life at once. Read more about the benefits of such as a sale. 

Quick method of sale 

Selling your property to a homebuyer for cash, results in a much faster sale than using the services of an estate agent. In the former case, you’re going to have the money from the sale in your hands within a week, which is the most common timeframe, given by homebuyers. 

Perhaps, you won’t get the same amount of money for the house as in the case of employing a realtor, but it’s the price you’re supposed to pay for the incredibly fast completion of the procedure. It’s particularly beneficial for homeowners who are pressed for time to finish the sale, as they’re obliged to move to their new home or start their new job, as soon as possible.

Conversely, employing realtors is likely to prolong the procedure more than necessary. These agents will look for the best offer on the house they can get, by showing it to a myriad of potential homeowners, patiently waiting for the one who is likely to pay the highest price. Also, the process might be even further prolonged, if the future homeowner is waiting for loan approval form the bank. 

Although you’ll end up with more money in your pocket, your house may remain on the market for months, delaying the moment of commencing your new life. In case you’re planning to use the money from the sale to purchase yourself a new home, waiting for ages might become a real problem.

 Selling Your Home Casandra Properties

Respecting the deal 

When selling your home through an estate agent, things are likely to take the wrong turn of events, as many buyers have a change of heart in the last moment. Some of them may have found another more favorable offer while others may have encountered bank loan problems that impede them from sealing the deal. Visit this page for more reasons why pending home sales fall through.  

Nevertheless, by collaborating with a reputable homebuyer, you’ll have no worries about him/her not respecting its side of the agreement. As soon as you have the cash handed to you, there isn’t any possibility of going back. 

No repairs

Preparing your home for a sale can be an exhausting experience, as you’re required to make it look as appealing as possible. In most cases, it indicates perform a heavy-duty cleaning of every room in the house, painting the walls, doing the necessary repairs to the walls and flooring and resolving mold issues. All of these tasks require both time and money to be completed in an efficient manner. 

However, when selling your house to a cash homebuyer you aren’t obliged to perform any types of repairs, as they would take it in its current condition. These homebuyers aren’t supposed to be impressed, which is extremely beneficial for everyone who is in a hurry. You won’t have to go through the process of thorough inspection, thus being relieved of the overwhelming pressure.

Home Buyers Casandra Properties 

Reduced stress

Selling a property is known to be one of the most stressful periods of homeowners’ lives, as you spend ages on making the required preparations and afterwards wait for a buyer to take an interest. Not to mention the constant crowd of strangers in your home, brought by the estate agent to see the property. In those cases you’re supposed to head out of the door, but leave the house in an immaculate condition. Visit the following link:, for tips on minimizing the stress during this period.

Conversely, doing business with a homebuyer indicates no property showings, no excessive cleaning and no wasted time on roaming the streets while the potential buyers are assessing the property. Additionally, there’s literary no risk of the sale falling through in the last moment, which really takes the pressure of your chest. 

Reduced costs

Another amazing benefit of finding a homebuyer is the reduced costs, in comparison with the ones paid to an estate agent. The best thing is that you’re entitled to keep all the money that you’re paid for the house. 

On the other hand, estate agents would request a rather big portion of the final price for performing their services. Why would you share the money with a realtor, when you could sell your home without paying commission? 

In addition, you will avoid other type of expenses related to hiring a cleaning company or repairmen to take care of all the imperfections. Even if you decide to perform these tasks on your own, you’ll still have to purchase materials, cleaning agents, paint and other supplies, which naturally cost money. 

Moving forward with your life

Selling your home in an incredibly short period will help you move forward with your life, without being stuck in your old town until the property gets sold. Some homeowners have already found another place to live and can’t wait to move in or have a new job waiting for them. 

Even if you have no immediate plans, sometimes you simply wish to commence the next chapter of your life sooner. Homebuyers are certainly capable of making this wish come true. 

Wrap up

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way of selling your property, doing business with homebuyers is the smartest decision. 

It’s worth trying it! 

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