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Picture this: you've found your dream home, your offer has been accepted, and you're ready to move in. Now, all you have to do to seal the deal is sell your current house. 

Easy, right? Not always.

Did you know that, on average, it can take over two months to sell your home?

If you don't want to be stuck waiting around for your house to sell, then keep reading. Follow these tips to learn how to sell your house fast.

Sell Your House Fast Casandra Properties

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Some sellers think that they will save themselves time and money by selling their home on their own. In reality, a good real estate agent is well worth the investment.

A real estate agent doesn't get paid until your house is sold, so they have an incentive to make it happen. And unlike you,

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When you're getting ready to sell your home, one of the last things you want to hear is that there's an issue with the foundation.

These issues are more common than you might think, though. In fact, approximately 25 percent of homes in the U.S. will experience a foundation issue at some point, and five percent will have major structural problems as a result.

The good news is that, even if your house does have foundation problems, that's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

If you've been wondering how to sell a house with foundation problems, keep reading. Explained below are all the options available to you.

Selling A Home With Foundation Problems Casandra Properties

What's Wrong with Foundation Problems?

If your home has foundation problems, it could seriously slow down the sale of your home.

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Too many people waste time, money, and resources when they get dissatisfied with their home. They decide to move and find a new home rather than renovate to create the home they want. 

A simple home renovation can completely transform your home and increase its value. However, like most homeowners, you'll probably want to renovate on a budget. Fortunately, learning how to save money while doing home renovations isn't difficult.

In fact, we've written a quick guide on just how to accomplish that! Check out our tips below!

Renovate on a Budget Casandra Properties

How to Renovate on a Budget

Learning how to renovate on a budget is important for any home improvement project. You may not be considering moving now when you do, you're going to want to get a return on your interest.

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Whether you have your own home, have an office location, rent a home, or live in an apartment you have property. This is an accomplishment even if you don't technically own it. Everyone should have property insurance to make sure they're protected.

In the case of a crime, weather conditions, natural disasters, and other situations, you need insurance coverage. You could lose your property or everything you have otherwise.

There are various property insurance policies that cover specific damages and belongings. Here are six types of property insurance you should know about. (

Protect Your Property Casandra Properties

1. Homeowner's Insurance

The average cost of storm damage repairs is about $8,000. Many people don't have this kind of money laying around. To skip extensive home

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“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

That’s the famous quote that’s attributed to Mark Twain. Even then, he recognized the benefits of investing in real estate.

Land is a scarce commodity. It’s not something that you can create or manufacture. You can place improvements on the land to increase the value, but that’s it. That’s one reason why real estate is a smart investment.

It’s also a great opportunity to build wealth and security at a time when things seem too volatile. Read on to learn about the benefits of real estate investing and how you can get started.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Casandra Properties

The Top Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Are you considering investing in real estate? You may be thinking whether or not it’s a good investment. Like all investments,

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With home prices stagnating in 2019, many owners are wondering what 2020 and beyond might bring. Worries around potential recessions are driving people to put their houses on the market in hopes of seizing their best chance to earn big profits.

As those sellers start down the path towards prepping their houses, hiring agents and making necessary repairs, the thought of casting that effort aside and just selling to a cash buyer always comes up.

Cash buyers are people that make offers on homes without the help of a lender. These people are almost always investors but can be non-investment buyers that are cash-rich and are hoping to move a deal along.

There are a lot of possible advantages of selling your house to a cash buyer. Here are 7 of them:

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Most people know how stressful it can be to buy a home. A large percentage of people are actually reduced to tears during their first home-buying experience.

But what people don't always realize is that selling a home is every bit as stressful. It can lead to people making crucial mistakes when they're trying to sell properties.

You should avoid these mistakes at all costs if you're in the process of trying to sell a property at the moment. Here are 10 common mistakes that should be on your radar.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell Properties

1. Picking the Wrong Time to Sell a Property

If you're buying a home, January and February tend to be the best times to do it. This is when home prices are often at their lowest.

But if you're selling a home, these months are the worst times

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Moving away can feel scary and worrisome, but when life changes or financial opportunities happen, sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense. If you are thinking about pulling up stakes and moving yourself and your family, there are several considerations to think about before deciding where to move.

For more information that you should consider before deciding on a new area to call home, check out this simple guide!

7 Key Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Move

1. Crime Statistics

While there will always be some crime in whatever area you move to, it is important to know how well the community is policed. Many states have area crime statistics readily available on the internet, along with figures on any neighborhood watch presence. Better to know beforehand than to be unpleasantly

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Tips On Choosing A Chartered Surveyor In Oxford UK

If you've ever been involved in the process of buying a property, chances are you are well aware of the job description of a chartered surveyor. They are the folk that comes in to inspect your dream house before you finalize the process of making it your future home. A good surveyor possesses laser sight when it comes to defects, shortcomings and potential pitfalls that the ordinary eye is usually blind to. 

That said, let's look at some tips on how to spot a really good person or company in the survey business in Oxford and use their services in order to save huge money on bad real estate decisions.


Evaluate Your Individual Situation


Before you call somebody, analyze your individual case in order to decide on the type of survey

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When it comes to capturing real estate, there is a big shift away from amateur photos. To really capture the attention of the consumer, photographs have to be next level. Whether you’re an agent, seller, or have a different perspective of the market, there are a few key ways to photograph your real estate that will set it aside from competitors.


Professional Real Estate Photography:

Do some research in your area and find a photographer who specializes in photographing real estate or architecture. These photographers should have a thorough understanding of the camera angles and lens that will capture your real estate in its best light. A photo can make or break a consumer’s first impression of your property. That’s why the right angle and

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