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It’s no secret that as we age, it becomes more difficult to perform everyday tasks, or manage the home. However, smart technology has become especially beneficial for seniors, as it opens up the opportunity to perform tasks, maintain independence, and ultimately stay living comfortably and safe within your own home. If you or a loved one are considering smart devices to utilize at home, read up on some of the most beneficial below! 

1. Smart Detection Devices.

Smart stove alarms are installed in a person's home to alert them of a potentially dangerous situation in the kitchen – such as smoke, a burner left on, or a fire. They act as smoke detectors and also alert you before a potential fire or toxic gas is emitted, giving you time to act. 

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Computer ProgrammersSince Casandra Properties was founded back in 1989 by mom, the Real Estate industry has undergone so many changes. We’ve talked about this quite a bit in some of our other posts and while it’s changed dramatically we believe that the most exciting times, and our ability to really use technology to drive sales, still lies ahead. 

When I started in the business we were over the moon excited about the dial up modem and the fact that we could once a day, get the hot sheets that provided new listings. However, this process was not a quick one. This required the patience to strap the phone into the device that communicated to the server and printed on our dot matrix a daily report!  As time marched on the innovations came fast and furious.  The

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