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There's a ton of great tools that Microsoft Word offers to streamline documents for your business. These tools can save you a ton of time and offers a consistent way to optimize invoices.

Microsoft's invoice template can format your invoices making your business look more professional and consistent.

If you've never used the invoice templates in Word, it can be challenging at first. To help, here is a guide for how to best create these templates, regardless of your business. 

Microsoft Invoicing

Getting Started With Creating Invoice Templates in Word 

First, open up Microsoft Word on your computer, click on the file option in the upper left corner, and click new. The easiest way to find the template you're looking for is to enter "invoice" in the search bar

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Casandra Properties, Inc. CEO, James Prendamano recently had the opportunity to speak with Brody Viney from the Center of Urban Future. James was one of roughly 25 experts in the small business community that was asked to provide insight and ideas on what can be done to help small businesses survive during this unique economic crisis. As a leader in Staten Island real estate, James presented several suggestions that could help small businesses get back to normal once Coronavirus pandemic is behind us. 

Keep reading to learn more about James' ideas that are featured in the article. 

Provide equal relief for commercial tenants and landlords

First, on the real estate side: the crisis started with bars and restaurants being required to close

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