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On today’s Casandra Properties podcast, CEO and Host James Prendamano interviews Sal J. Criscuolo, who truth be told, needs no introduction to Staten Island, NYC, who has an Instagram following approaching 60,000. That’s huge for most – that’s especially huge for someone in the mortgage industry. Sal Criscuolo has been a success in the mortgage industry for more than two decades. A masterful mortgage expert, keynote speaker, entertainer,  mentor,  and close personal friend of Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano.


With a personality larger than life, and approval ratings on Google reviews to match, Sal Criscuolo’s social profile and loyal customers is reflected in his glowing testimonials and 4.99/5 star ratings. Sal Criscuolo is a

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CEO James Prendamano welcomes and sits down withBank United’s Vice President of Commercial Private Banking Fulton Marshall & the Senior VP of Commercial Banking Private Team, Megan Hallinan during this episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast. 


They are two of Bank United’s finest professionals: Megan Hallinan and Fulton Marshall. Both seasoned professionals have worked in the banking industry for 15 years each. They do things differently. And these are the people you want behind you during times that are an anomaly right now, emphasizes James Prendamano.



What Makes Bank United So Different?


Megan Hallinan joined Bank United in 2015. Prior to that, she was an executive at both North Fork Bank and Capital One. So for

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CEO James Prendamano flew solo for this special edition Thanksgiving episode of the Casandra Properties podcast. As always, Casandra Properties is thankful for our listeners, our clients, and the community at large which we serve, Staten Island. Thank you.

In related exciting news, our CEO James Prendamano is now a published author, having contributed to the book Stay Calm – along with 11 other Staten Island thought leaders and business leaders, who not only survived the global pandemic, but have emerged stronger. The book will be released on Amazon on Monday, November 30, 2020. All proceeds from the book will be split between two amazing Staten Island Non-Profits, The Carl Bini Memorial Fund and the Minority Women Business Association of

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Chad and Danielle Reyes of The Wealth & Legacy Group; IamEmpowering; and Lion’s Pride Leadership.


Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano and Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis hold a discussion with Chad and Danielle Reyes, the incredibly successful married team who have successful launched three companies: The Wealth & Legacy Group; IamEmpowering.org; Lion’s Pride Leadership.


In January 2019, Danielle Reyes earned the Louis R. Miller Leadership Award, which she will receive in the Established Businessperson category; Chad was the recipient of the award in 2014.


Chad and Danielle grew up in Bulls Head, Staten Island, literally a few hundred yards from Casandra Properties headquarters on Richmond Avenue, they joke.

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Scott Carson is the President and CEO of We Close Notes, an Austin, Texas-based real estate investment company that focuses on buying pools of distressed assets on residential and commercial properties direct from banks and hedge funds.


Scott Carson was born in Minnesota – he jokes with a Minnesotan accent – but his family relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas when he was about four years old. He was big into sports as a kid, had a supportive family, and even received a full-ride for two years in college on a football scholarship. He studied business and communications, and graduated from Southwest Texas State University, which is now Texas State University.  Scott says, “A year or so out of college, I got married, started working at JP

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Episode 18 of the Casandra Properties Podcast features ‘Brooklyn in the house’ – with three of our own rock star realtors: Ariana DiMattina, Frank DiMattina, and associate broker Celia Iervasi. Part of the Casandra Properties family, these professionals are from different generations but all are cut from the same the cloth. They all have had success in their own right; they may operate a little different from each other, but are equally driven and united by the same tenacious spirt.

Ariana DiMattina and Frankie DiMattina are native Staten Islanders and two up-and-coming realtors at Casandra Properties. Their parents hail from the Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Their family moved to Staten Island over two decades ago, and

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On the 17th episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, James Prendamano and Rebecca Matulonis sit down with “The Mortgage Quarterback,” Jeff Van Note. Jeff also hosts his own podcast called Deposit That, and he has extensive experience in the mortgage and loan industry.

Jeff Van Note grew up close by in New Jersey. As a kid, he competed in almost every sport except for soccer. He excelled in football, basketball, and baseball, but then dropped the latter two to focus on his dream of being in the NFL. In fact, Jeff’s uncle and namesake, Jeff Van Note played for the Atlanta Falcons in the ‘70s. Sports and competition run deep in his blood.

Jeff says he grew up going to Giants and Jets games, but he was never “a fan of a specific team.” He

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There are people who build better lives for themselves and their families, and then there are people like Carlos Reyes, who shares his unbelievable journey to success on this 16th episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, hosted by our CEO James Prendamano. It is our privilege to have him on the show. He’s as real as they get, dynamic, and inspiring to anyone who has the pleasure of speaking with him.

Carlos Reyes is a serial entrepreneur, motivator, and founder of "All In Nation." He has a family, lives in Phoenix, and now owns 27 businesses, seven of which gross over six figures monthly. After spending about a decade in corporate America, Carlos Reyes opened his own real estate investment company five years ago. After a year or two, he started

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In this latest installment of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO James Prendamano is joined by his the very successful local business owner Sean Conaghan, CEO of VAL-PAK for Staten Island and Brooklyn. Interestingly, Sean originally hails from Bay Ridge, but sounds like he was born in  Edinburgh, Scotland. That’s because he’s wasn't your typical kid from 74th Street, Bay Ridge Brooklyn. He also lived a great deal in Scotland playing international soccer as a pre-teen, a teen, and spent a great deal of time traveling around the UK because of it. So how did this Scottish-Irish American kid from just over the Verrazzano bridge wind up an international soccer champ and – is now the successful CEO and entrepreneur? Well you see, some children are born to

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On this thirteenth episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO James Prendamano is joined by his esteemed colleague Rebecca Matulonis -- and highly accomplished media production mogul and local business owner who has done very well for himself, Todd Bivona of Gotham Trinity Productions.

Gotham Trinity Productions comprises Todd Bivona, Michael Graziuso, and Michael Dellegrazie, and it was based on a common vision among them: to be a film and media production company that comes with extensive experience in the television and film industry – and brings that professionalism to local businesses here on Staten Island and beyond. “From the idea phase, writing, development, acting, shooting and editing, we are a full service operation,” says Mr.

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