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Casandra Properties brings you a new series called Meet The Agents. Get to know our experienced and professional real estate agents in these short videos. Find out if they have any pets, what their worst job was, what superpower they would want, and more. A fun way to highlight some of the things you might not have known about your favorite agent at Casandra Properties. This video highlights our Operations Manager, Rebecca Matulonis. Look out for more Meet The Agent videos coming soon.


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Meet The Agents is a new series that Casandra Properties will be producing.  These short videos give you a look into who our agents are.  Get to know your favorite real estate agent on Staten Island a little better with these fun videos.  This video is highlighting one of our young, top agents, Brian McGowan.  Watch to see what his worst job was, what his superpower would be if he could have one, if he has any pets, any nicknames he has, and if he has any hidden talents.  More Meet The Agent videos to come on all of our agents soon.  

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