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When selling your home the idea of a Virtual Tour should be something you are thinking about doing.  In this internet age where 85% of home buyers begin online, a virtual tour will give these buyers the ability to really get a sense of what your property is like without leaving their home.

According to The Real Estate CMO, virtual tours are worth the investment.  Keep reading to find out why it is worth the expense when selling your home.

Virtual Tour Casandra Properties

Virtual Home Tours Are Great for Travelers

Lots of people are now moving for work or just looking to live in a new area.  Having the ability to walk through a home without having to actually be there can attract out of state buyers.  

The use of these virtual tours and social media can really narrow down

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Marketing is a pivotal part of every business in every industry. Marketing includes the intricate studying of a demographic and identifying ways to communicate with that demographic that allows companies to translate their services or products to those people. So, how do you get the attention of millennials?


Here are a few tips for marketing to the modern millennial:


  1.      Social Media! - At this point we are fully immersed in the digital age. This goes for marketing too. Marketing on social media platforms is a huge undertaking. Companies that devote a significant of time and effort to their online brand awareness experience success in this segment. Social influencers, blogs, recommendations, and reviews all living online today,
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Real Estate marketing continues to adapt and advance with today's technology. Another cool innovation that Casandra Properties has been able to take to the next level is pre-construction visualization. Traditionally you could sell pre-construction off of blueprints. It's very difficult for the average person to visualize these plans. Selling things pre-construction today is very important to drive numbers and secure for the developer deals that are in place before you move on to the next model. Casandra Properties is able to make these 2D blueprints come to life and generate 3D models. You can now enter into the house, lay out furniture in the exact sizes. Watch as Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano explains just how important this is for

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Real Estate Marketing is incredibly important in today's digital age. Marketing in general is rapid changing so here at Casandra Properties we are staying ahead of the curve by continuing to push the bar and add new methods of showcasing properties. In this video, Casandra Properties CEO and real estate expert, James Prendamano, explains how effective Drone Footage is in order to grab someone's attention by changing their perspective.


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I spent a significant bit of time over the holidays looking back. Not so much looking back over the year, but really taking stock of how much things have changed over the last 20 years. From Agriculture to Construction and from Healthcare to Banking, technology has completely transformed all major industries and market segments both domestic and abroad. Old Typewriter and New Macbook Computer

For the most part, we have rolled with the changes and adapted our daily routines to incorporate these technological advances where it was most convenient.

Folks, Real Estate is not only an industry that has also been impacted, it may be one of the market segments that has seen the most dramatic changes. 

I have been around Staten Island Real Estate since I was a toddler. I vividly remember being shuttled

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Selling a home seems like it could be quite simple.  

Put a “For Sale” sign up in front of the house, take some pictures, post it to the sites that list houses for sale, and then wait for the offers to come in. Technically that could work and I’m sure it has for some.  But if you are looking to get the most value for your home it takes a bit more than that. Here at Casandra Properties, we use the latest marketing technology to make sure your property gets maximum exposure.  


Visibility, in my opinion, is the most important factor when it comes to selling a home for the most value. 

Take the beverage industry for example.  Why do Pepsi and Coca-Cola sell so much more soda than RC Cola?  Because you never see RC Cola being advertised

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