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Getting a concrete driveway built is not cheap. In fact, the national average cost of installing a concrete driveway is between $6,275 and $8,500. However, with proper driveway maintenance and a reputable installation company, your concrete driveway could last decades.

Here are our top tips for cleaning and maintaining a concrete driveway.

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Apply Concrete Sealant Annually

While concrete is a solid and strong material, it is still possible that large cracks can occur. Invest in a sealant for your concrete driveway annually. This can protect against smaller or even stop bigger future cracks before they start.

Sealant can lengthen your driveway's lifespan and also improve its appearance. The color and glossiness of your driveway can easily be

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It lives and grows in the walls of your home. The creeping spores float in and begin to breed and grow in damp, dark areas of your home. 

But what you can't see won't hurt you, right?

Wrong. Mold colonies growing in your home can have a significant impact on your health. In fact, the World Health Organization attributes a significant proportion of cases of childhood asthma to mold and dampness in the home. In the U.S., 8.4% or 6.2 million children, suffer from the disease.

This is a problem that may be addressed by improving living conditions. In particular, by addressing mold problems in homes.

Keep reading to learn about how mold can affect your health.

1. Respiratory Problems

The main health problems that mold can cause are

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