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Did you know that there are over 9 million US citizens are living as expatriates outside of the USA?

Although some are constant travelers, there is a growing number of people that are investing in property abroad. The recent strong US dollar has meant that people can buy property abroad that they could never afford at home. 

If you are thinking of joining this group what do you need to know? Where are the best countries to invest in real estate globally?

1. Singapore

If you have the support of an expert consultant, researching properties for sale can be very profitable. There are lots of great opportunities to be found in Singapore.

Singapore is not a country for those with low budgets, however, if you are looking for an investment

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If you are looking to move to Europe, France is one of the best places you could move to.  Paris, the country's capital city, is beloved by many but there are a number of other options like rural France with its quaint, century-old cottages. If you are looking to buy a house, even better. Generally speaking, you can find a well-priced house to buy that you can make your own and settle down in.

What to Consider Before Buying Property in France

Property For Sale In France Casandra Properties

If you are relocating to France from another country, you will find entirely new and different property buying laws and processes. There are some great blogs like Realigro that have a comprehensive guide on everything you need to understand about property for sale in France. If making a move to France is an

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Property for sale in France

Property for sale in France Casandra Properties

France appears to have too much than its fair share of great stuff—not least of which are haute couture, wine and food. If you are looking forward to retire or settle in Europe, or just require a prolonged holiday, France ought to be leading your prospects list. The place has all the elements that might be looking for: pristine countryside, suitable climate, excellent culture, lively history and traditions, premium medical care, and, certainly, the class and sparkle of Paris—perhaps the globe’s most enticing metropolitan.

A favored destination for buying property

Receiving over 80 million foreigners annually, it is not startling that France is the planet’s preferred tourist destination. You shall discover that

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