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Staying safe while working on or visiting a construction site is absolutely critical to ensure a successful project.

Whether you're working on a large skyscraper or paving a roadway, construction site safety is paramount for any type of job and construction-based environment.

Read on to discover seven construction safety rules that are extremely important for everyone to follow.

Construction Safety Tips

1. Protective Equipment is a Must

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is always a requirement on any construction site. Workers and visitors should always have and wear the appropriate PPE as soon as they enter the job site and only take it off when they leave.

There are various degrees or types of PPE required, depending on the type of work being

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You may have heard this story in the news—single, full-time working mom of four, Cara Brookins, recently built her own house using YouTube videos.

After seeing the barest framework of a 3,500-square-foot home that had been destroyed by a tornado, Brookins thought, "I bet I could put this back up." And with the day-and-night help of her four children and a video streaming website, she did. 

They got loans to cover the cost of supplies, like construction tools, and the rest came from their DIY efforts.

Are you considering building your own home? No wonder—some sources cite that you can make your own place for less than $35,000. So, why wouldn't you?

Before embarking on this challenging, yet rewarding, project, make sure you have at least the

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