Smart Technology for Seniors Living Alone

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 10:37am.

It’s no secret that as we age, it becomes more difficult to perform everyday tasks, or manage the home. However, smart technology has become especially beneficial for seniors, as it opens up the opportunity to perform tasks, maintain independence, and ultimately stay living comfortably and safe within your own home. If you or a loved one are considering smart devices to utilize at home, read up on some of the most beneficial below! 

1. Smart Detection Devices.

Smart stove alarms are installed in a person's home to alert them of a potentially dangerous situation in the kitchen – such as smoke, a burner left on, or a fire. They act as smoke detectors and also alert you before a potential fire or toxic gas is emitted, giving you time to act. 

2. Vocal Command Tech.

Vocal command tech, like the amazon echo – also known as Alexa –offer voice -controlled intelligent personal assistants to follow various user commands. These speakers are used to answer questions, lock doors, ask about the weather. These vocal command technologies can also make phone calls, set reminders or alarms, and even turn the lighting down and play restful music to promote sleep – all by calling out to it from a distance. 

3. Smart Medical Care. 

One of the things that tends to impact all of us as we age is memory. Smart medication reminders such as smart medication pillboxes offers visual or audible cues to remind individuals to take their medicines at the right time. Small pillboxes are capable of sending remote alerts to the individual or caregiver immediately when mediation has been retrieved or missed – providing peace of mind for both seniors and individuals keeping track of medication. 

The Dario Smart Meter is great for those with diabetes and need to monitor glucose levels throughout the day. It plugs into any smartphone without the need for cables, gives results in just six seconds and shows how sugar levels change over time, giving actionable insights and alerts to users.

 4. Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers such as the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro are used to track heart rate and steps taken, among other things regarding the health of individuals as they age. Additionally, it helps in alerting users on which exercise they should do and the duration that they should perform that exercise. 

5. Emergency Response Systems.

Personal Emergency Response Systems are used by the elderly in case of an emergency. PERS may automatically detect a fall, or the adult can press a button in case of a fall to call for help from an emergency service. The PER system can also be programmed in such a way that numbers from caregivers or family members can be added to receive emergency notifications in real-time. Mobile versions for the PERS uses GPS and hence does not need one to be near the older person to receive emergency notifications.

If you’re overwhelmed by the words “smart technology,” don’t be! Each of these devices connects to a range of smart home hubs, making them easy to control centrally, and are designed to be user friendly. If you’re thinking of implementing smart technology into your home, consider the above items to promote long health, independence, and happiness within your home. 


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