Selling Your House: 5 Pro Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 at 2:01pm.

In March 2020, 623,000 new homes were sold.

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, selling your home does not have to be stressful.

Wondering what you need to do to prepare your home to be ready to go on the market? Keep reading for five tips for preparing your home for sale.

Preparing Home For Sale

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

People accumulate stuff over time, and it's time to declutter if you want to sell. No matter the reason you are hanging on to things either because you plan to fix it up or have an emotional attachment, you need to simplify your home and get rid of these items or store them.

Time to start making piles—throw away, donate, and sell. If you haven't used something in a year, it's time to add it to one of these piles. 

If you have a lot of items you need to keep for some reason, consider renting a storage unit. You want your home to appear as spacious as possible.

2. Improve Curb Appeal

The outside of your home gives buyers a first impression, and you want that impression to be favorable. This means you should work on your landscaping by keeping your yard mowed, weeding the garden, pruning the bushes, and planting flowers.

Take a look at the rest of the exterior. Be sure your gutters and siding are clean, and paint any areas where the paint is peeling. 

3. Repaint

If you have bold colors in your home, it's a good idea to repaint the walls with more neutral colors. To prepare your home for sale, use neutral tones like whites and tans, so buyers can focus on the space and not the wall color. 

4. Tackle Repairs

Do you have little things around the house that you have meant to repair like a leaky faucet? If so, now is the time to make these repairs, so they don't take away from your home. Buyers will notice these things.

Make sure to repair any cracked tiles, holes in walls, and repair any cabinet issues. Double-check that all the light bulbs work in your home, and replace the burned-out ones.

If you need to move quickly and don't want to make repairs, you may want to contact a company to sell house fast as is.

5. Clean and Organize

Each room in your house needs a purpose. It's time to organize each room into what it should be. 

Storage is a big selling point for homes, so tackle your closets and drawers and make sure they are not overstuffed. Filled closets make it appear your home does not have enough storage. Get some boxes, dividers, and other items to organize your items.

Every surface in your home should shine. Clean every square inch of your home, and make sure there are no bad odors, especially if you have pets.

You can hire a cleaning crew to make sure your home sparkles if you don't have time. If you choose to clean yourself, focus on the kitchen because they are a main focal point, and your kitchen should be spotless and as decluttered as possible. 

Use These Tips in Preparing Your Home for Sale 

Follow these tips on preparing your home for sale, and your home will be ready to add to the market. It's important to detach yourself from your home as soon as you think about selling. 

Want to learn more about the home sale process and getting your home ready for sale? Check out our Real Estate Learning Center for more advice on selling and buying a home.  

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