Real Estate News and Trends: Homeowners Are Looking to Future-Proof Their Homes

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, December 11th, 2020 at 3:48pm.

Are you signing up for the smart home trend? Automating your home is more than a fad or fashion, with many people slowly realizing the benefits it brings. Who would not want an easier life, while saving money on utilities and bills?

If you are interested in the latest real estate news and trends, then you need to know the benefits of a smart home. Below, we have compiled a must-read guide on the house of the future. 

Smart Home Real Estate Trends

Real Estate News and Trends in Security

Smart homes can increase the security of a home, by employing preventative measures and deterrents. These can be added to the interior and exterior of your home. The most common method of smart home security is the installation of cameras to monitor the property, but there are also a lot more. 

The ability to lock doors and windows and close garages from your mobile phone is one great feature. You need no longer go back and make sure you have locked the back window. With one touch of an app, you can fully secure your home wherever you are. 

Controlling lighting is also a great security deterrent. If you are away from home for the evening, you can turn lights on and off to give the appearance of habitation in your property.

They Save Money

When it comes to utilities and bills, smart homes are definitely a great way to lower the costs. That is because they offer increased control, allowing you to turn systems down or off easily when they are not needed. Smart thermostats make sure heat and air conditioning follow your lifestyle habits and patterns, turning them off when you are not at home and switching on when you are. 

While the cost of building a full smart home may not be easily recoupable when offset against bills, you will no longer have to worry about many spiraling utility costs. In addition, you are reducing your carbon footprint, contributing to the rehabilitation of the planet. 

A Smart Home Makes Life Easier

Most of all, the latest real estate marketing trends are showing that people want a smart home because it makes life much easier. Generally, day to day tasks, that you may forget to do or not have time to do, can be done at the touch of a button. As an example, robot vacuum cleaners are one way in which cleaning and maintenance are becoming automated, freeing people up to do the tasks they actually enjoy. 

You can wake up on a cold winter morning, and have a smart coffee maker brew you a fresh mug. The house may put the heating on just before you wake. On very dark mornings, the whole system may gradually increase the strength of the lights to mimic the rising sun.

Staying up to Date

Real estate news and trends are always pointing towards developments in smart homes, either through building materials and processes or aftermarket products. They make homes more attractive for rental, and more comfortable for living. 

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