Problems With Solar Panels on Roofs: 5 Things to Know

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 at 9:01am.

Solar energy is the way of the future. Today, more and more houses are being built with solar panels installed on the roof by default. However, when it comes to installing solar panels on an existing house, there are some issues to consider. 

If you're thinking about installing a solar panel on your roof, keep reading. We're going to walk through the top 5 problems with solar panels on roofs. 

Problems with solar panels

1. Maintenance Woes

The most important thing to consider when thinking about installing solar panels on your roof is what your maintenance plan will be. As a homeowner, you know that your roof requires regular maintenance and inspection to function fully. This is doubly true for a roof with a solar panel. 

If you don't regularly check your solar panels for excess dust or collections of water, you're not going to get the return on investment you're looking for. Small problems, like standing water, can turn into huge ones, like an intense roof leak. 

If you want to make your roof with solar panels last, you'll want to schedule regular inspections. 

2. An Unsuitable Rooftop 

For your solar panels to work properly, they need an adequate environment. They should be facing the south or the west, ensuring that they get the maximum amount of sun possible. They also work best in an environment that isn't too hot. 

But many roofs aren't built with the kind of structure needed to support solar panels. 

Because of this, if you want to install solar panels on your roof, you have to start planning far in advance. To make your roof a secure place to place solar panels, you might need some extensive work done. 

3. A Construction Site Overhead 

Another thing to consider is the actual construction that it takes to install solar panels. It will essentially turn your roof into a construction site until the installation is done. 

To combat this, make sure you hire a professional who understands what your roof needs. A good source for this is, if you're in that area.

4. Water Flow Interruption

Your roof is designed to keep water away from your home. It's designed to get rid of water efficiently so it can cause minimal damage. Installing solar panels puts a wrench in this plan. 

A poorly installed solar panel can trap water on your roof, causing big problems down the road. 

5. New Panels on an Old Roof

Most solar panels come with a power purchase agreement or financing that lasts around 20 years or so, roughly the life of your solar panels.

If you install these panels on a roof that doesn't have that much longer to go, you risk incurring additional expenses if the roof needs replaced. 

Eliminate Problems With Solar Panels on Roofs

There are a few problems with solar panels on roofs that can be easily avoided if you hire the right professional to do the job. Ideally, someone with lots of experience and licensing is the right candidate to install your solar panels. 

For more information about how to keep your home up to date, keep reading!

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