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Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 1:19pm.

Relocating to a new city can be difficult. Not only are you in a new home, but a completely new environment. In this case you’ll have to find all new go-to’s that make your time spent there easier and more comfortable. But, how do you get familiar with what’s around you? Here are some useful tips for getting acclimated to your new home. 


  1.     Peruse the municipality website. Here you’ll be able to find information on your new home. Whether it's history, neighborhood information, school districts, parks, public libraries, community organizations, or public events the website should give you good access to public resources and information that’s offered. This can be a good way to get familiar with information that’s common knowledge to people who already live in the area. 
  2.     Yelp! Use yelp to check out service that are offered in your city or area. Yelp can be useful in identifying restaurants and cafes, bars, drugstores, salons, gyms, and other service in the following categories:
  3.     Active Life
  4.     Art & Entertainment
  5.     Automobiles
  6.     Beauty & Spas
  7.     Education 
  8.     Event Planning & Services
  9.     Financial Services
  10.     Food
  11.     Health & Medical
  12. Home Services
  13. Home & Travel
  14. Local Flavor
  15. Mass Media
  16. Nightlife
  17. Pets
  18. Professional Services
  19. Public Services & Government 
  20. Real Estate
  21. Religious Organizations 
  22. Restaurants 
  23. Shopping 
  24.     Instagram! While this may seem unconventional, Instagram can be used as a tool to take a peek into how locals live in your area and how they reflect their city online. Just search up the hashtag of your city on Instagram. Or for something more specific, just search the hashtag with the name of your city then a specific topic after. For example, try search #StatenIsland on Instagram to get a look at post that locals publish that generally have to do with Staten Island. Or, each #StatenIslandRestaurants to take a look at posts that have to do with restaurants in Staten Island, or try #StatenIslandGyms to get a look-see at the gyms that people are using and loving. 


These three tools are a great start to do some baseline research on a place you are considering moving to or the new place that you now call home. Use these tools to find out what’s available, what’s being utilized by your neighbors, and how much people love it. 


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