Episode 49: Not So Hard Software: An Exciting New Revolutionizing Tool For Real Estate


On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, host, and published author James Prendamano speaks with Casandra Properties associate broker Brian McGowan and software developer Joe Crescenzi. The three experts in their own right talk about an exciting new real estate software Joe has developed with input from both James and Brian.


Joe Crescenzi and his Passion

Joe Crescenzi is a developer and publisher of software for hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. Joe has been working with computers well before everyone even had a computer in their home. In fact, when he was in high school in the late ‘70s, Joe took a computer class in which they didn’t even have one computer to work on in the classroom. He is self-taught and admits he’s a bit of an entrepreneur; however, he says he’ll only take on projects that he thinks will be fun. Long-time colleagues and friends James Prendamano and Brian McGowan came up with an innovative idea that met Joe’s criterion of fun. Currently, in beta-testing, Crescenzi’s software has the ability to change they way agents, brokers, and investors source the best real estate deals.


The software has the ability to literally find the best deals and rank them based on data from MLS systems. It factors in things such as zoning, air rights, and is able to go back twelve years to look at comps, for starters. The software is not also able to look far back in time, but help forecast trends. In addition, it also has what Joe calls “a red herring” feature, which is able to detect errors and anomalies in data. As many agents and brokers have experienced, errors abound in these systems due to data having been input incorrectly. That, of course, is of no help to anyone – agents and investors, alike.


Brian McGowan and James Prendamano talk about issues with platforms such as Zillow and how they also fall short. It’s amazing, McGowan says, people think platforms such as Zillow and the like are so incredible. At the push of a button, they find their Zestimate for the home, which is frequently off the mark. Some people’s homes are underlisted, and some are inflated. Additionally, let’s say you’re looking for a particular type of home because your lifestyle has changed. You are now looking for a ranch or a cape – something without stairs – they don’t even have an option for where you can filter for that sort of thing, the type of home you want.


The Creation of Revolutionary Real Estate Software

Joe Crescenzi speaks about the disconnect he has had with some business clients in the past. Oftentimes, they can’t really explain to me what exactly it is what they want. You don’t have to speak computer language to convey to me what specifically you’re trying to do; you just have to convey it clearly so that it makes sense. “And it has to be fun in order for me to get on board with it,” Joe laughs. James Prendamano and Brian McGowan, clearly, were able to explain what they wanted to be able to do – they wanted a way to find the best deals quickly – based on their criteria at the push of a button. The MLS hot sheets only do so much, adds James Prendamano. Joe has come up with a way to find the best deals, with the best savings for us – and our clients by extension. With the dashboard feature on the software, says James Prendamano, you literally see the biggest deals to the smallest, ranked. You can also get these deals sent to you through automatic email updates. It is a better, more efficient way to source deals. It’s simple to use and it has already helped us source great deals we may have otherwise missed – or that would have taken an extremely long time to find manually. Our goal was to come up with something that provides precision and accuracy for the dealmakers, says James Prendamano. Joe Cresenczi adds that has been achieved – what we have now is “proof of concept writ large.”


Interested in this visionary software that will change the way property searches are conducted and deals are made? The best way to contact Joe Crescenzi is through email – joe@vovio.com


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