Moving Companies: How They Handle The COVID Crisis

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 at 9:12am.

COVID-19 has affected the normal routines of everyday life due to travel restrictions, quarantine protocols, and other safety measures. In order to contain the spread of the said virus, most counties worldwide have imposed rules and policies intended to limit their people’s movement and encourage them to stay at home. Because of this, a lot of business industries have been affected, and moving companies are no exception. 

Keep reading this article to know more about how most moving companies handle the COVID-19 crisis.

Moving Companies After COVID

Need For Moving Services

There are many reasons why people move. Despite the circumstances, some people end up with the decision to relocate from one place to another. However, this setup might or might not be applicable during a health crisis.

It’s important to note that COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from one person to another through nose and mouth droplets. For this reason, people are advised to stay at home, and, when they go out, they should observe proper social distancing protocols. This is, of course, to mitigate the risk of people contracting the virus. 

Given the situation, many might be asking if moving services are considered an essential business during the pandemic. Generally, moving is still essential, and most moving companies are still allowed to operate in all states. However, this situation only applies to people whose relocation dates are flexible or who don’t belong to a high-risk group. 

If you can exercise flexibility in your moving date and you belong to a high-risk group, the moving service provider might advise you to postpone your move to a later date for safety reasons. These decisions, on the other hand, depend on the lockdown orders in your locality. Thus, it’s best to research about the place you’re moving to so you’ll know whether or not relocation is possible during this unfortunate time. 

Availability Of Moving Services

As mentioned, moving services are generally essential despite the COVID-19 crisis. But, unlike the previous months wherein there are no travel and safety protocols in place, most moving companies need to adopt a new set of rules that will keep everyone involved safe from the virus. 

Typically, moving services in the midst of COVID-19 are still the same, except for the customer experience. Due to the risk of infection from person-to-person, moving service providers, like the top local movers in MD, are expected to implement their own health and safety practices, which include frequent handwashing among movers and no physical interaction between the clients and the movers. This is to make sure that moving will be successful and, at the same time, COVID-free. 

On the other hand, when it comes to storage services, major storage companies are still in operation despite the pandemic. But, similar to moving companies, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when using storage facilities nowadays. For instance, clients will have limited time of accessibility or there’ll be a decrease of clients who can access their storage units within a specific amount of time. In addition, storage companies are required to impose proper hygiene protocols, such as handwashing, wearing of face masks, and social distancing. 

Reaching Out To Moving Companies

In case your move is unavoidable, there are moving companies that will accommodate your moving needs. But, unlike the usual moving process, there are changes to the way movers provide their services. Before, these companies can go to your house to conduct at-home surveys to provide you with a price estimate for your relocation. Nowadays, at-home surveys are no longer available. Instead of going to your home for the physical inspection, they’ll offer virtual surveys to minimize physical contact. 

Moreover, moving companies have encouraged their clients to use digital platforms and other channels when reaching out to them about queries and other concerns. This is, of course, in line with the government authorities’ campaign to observe social distancing to avoid COVID-19 infections. 

COVID-19 Health Practices Of Moving Companies

As you can see, most industries are affected by COVID-19. Due to the restricted movement of people and countries imposing lockdown, moving company owners are expecting a drop in their monthly sales. But, since moving companies are generally categorized as an essential business for most states, they’re expected to put into place some guidelines and protocols intended to protect their clients and employees while moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. These can include:

  • Observing the federal and local rules on how to combat the spread of the virus
  • Frequent disinfection of employees, moving trucks, and equipment
  • Wearing of masks and gloves for the movers 
  • Providing moving trucks with hand sanitizers and other disinfectants
  • Following social distancing protocols among movers and customers


When the COVID-19 crisis first came out, moving companies had a difficult time dealing with the situation. But, they’re able to work out a practical solution to help their customers and employees. In short, they’ve created a plan that allows customers to have access to quality moving services without compromising anyone’s health. As long as you know how to cooperate with the health and safety protocols, moving companies will be available to accommodate your relocation needs. 


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