Motivating Lead Generation {Ep.40} How To Target The Right Audience To Generate Valuable Leads

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 9:37am.

Episode 40: Motivating Lead Generation: How To Target The Right Audience To Generate Valuable Leads

On the latest episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast, CEO and Host James Prendamano sits down with the CEO and Founder of Motivated Leads, Bryan Driscoll. James Prendamano first thanks his loyal podcast family out there, meaning the listeners and followers, as well as the ‘podcast community’ that he has been collaborating with for nearly a year. Bryan Driscoll agrees, “Podcast folks really are a great bunch of people.” Prendamano adds that the connections they’ve made since the launch of the Casandra Properties series has been invaluable, and they have also been able to give back to the Staten Island community – and even globally – with the platform.


Bryan Driscoll hails from the Pittsburgh area and is a life-long Steelers fan. As a life-long Giants fan, James and Bryan enjoy a little good-natured football ribbing before talking business. Self taught, Bryan Driscoll started doing SEO work on sites like oDesk and Upwork in the early 2000s. “It snowballed from there,” as he says. He also notes that an important part of being is self-taught to the degree of having success requires ‘testing and failing.’ CEO James Prendamano could not agree more with the sentiment, always citing the importance of failure in order to learn and grow. Bryan describes what he does in a nutshell: “We help real estate investors build a brand and help them connect with motivated sellers.” In other words, these are people who want to sell quickly and who need to sell their properties quickly.</p>


SEO: The Basics

Bryan Driscoll explains that SEO (search engine optimization) is a website ranking in the maps and the free section of Google (after the three or four preceding paid ads). Essentially, we are optimizing the content of your website to be relevant, says Driscoll. “We are trying to get your site to rank higher in Google. Obviously, if you rank #1 or #2, then you’re getting a lot more traffic than if you’re ranking 10th in your category.” The idea is to try to get to the top of the search engine and get traffic to your website organically.


Important Elements

  • Branding, website design, logo
  • SEO – organically appearing in whatever people were searching
  • Keyword research – exploring some of the different ways people search for your product/service will help you gain more organic traffic.

Bryan Driscoll adds, “You want people to search for you on an informational level, but you also want action-driven searches. For example, says Bryan, you will see a big difference if you do a keyword search for ‘sell my house’ versus ‘sell my home fast.’ “So with the right keywords on your website and/or blog, you are pre-vetting people, so to speak.”


PPC Ads (Pay Per Click)

Driscoll also asserts the importance of investing in Google Pay-per-click ads and Facebook ads because of the sheer exposure it will give your company. It does, however, take a combination of SEO and paid ads to generate web growth. He uses the analogy, “Paid ads are like renting a house; SEO is like owning a house.” If you do paid ads, you will see results immediately. But as soon as you stop buying ads, your growth stops. SEO, on the other hand, may take 4-6 months until it starts working for you. It takes time and patience, but it is organic growth. It doesn’t go away.


More about Motivated Leads

Motivated Leads has done Facebook marketing and Search Engine Optimization for local businesses, startups, and fortune 500 companies for over 12 years. They have been fortunate enough to spend millions in advertising and learned the game from the inside out. After they started purchasing rental properties with profits from their agency, they realized where the true wealth is -- real estate. 


  • They work with wholesalers and real estate investors throughout the United States.
  • Help real estate investors get motivated seller leads within 50-mile radius of their home
  • They have generated over 5,000 motivated-seller leads over the last five years for dozens of clients nationwide.
  • 95% of clients have stuck with them for more than 1 ½ years. 

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