LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas You'll Love

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 8:14am.

Whether you're planning a remodel or you just want to make a few updates, your kitchen is one of the most prominent rooms that can have the most significant impact.

As you ponder making a few changes, don't forget to explore some inspirational LED kitchen lighting ideas that will make your home more energy-efficient and beautiful.

Read on for a few awesome ideas to help you decide which new designs in lighting will look best in your unique home.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Industrial Pendant Lights

Industrial-inspired lighting and decor look striking in any style home. For the kitchen, look for lighting that features a black matte finish or a distressed, burnished bronze to give the lights an aged appearance.

LED kitchen lighting that hangs from wire will give your cooking space an infusion of industrial style. Try pendant lights that feature an openwork cage shade to expose the LED bulb inside. Choose Edison style LED bulbs that will really bring the classic industrial look to the forefront.

Even if your home is modern in style, an industrial-inspired touch can take it up a notch. Hang the pendant lights over the island or dining room table to create a bright workspace that has a dash of on-trend appeal.

LED Kitchen Lighting: Mix up Materials

If you want to add texture and style to your kitchen, look for lighting that blends a variety of materials together. This unique juxtaposition of styles will bring visual interest to your home.

Try a set of lights that mixes elements like frosted glass shades with shimmering metal accents. Look for woven light shades crafted of rattan or wicker that hold LED lightbulbs inside, allowing the brightness of the light to shine through the material. Crystals blend beautifully with glass or metal to give your kitchen an ultra-glam finishing touch.

Have fun when you choose lighting that blends different components together. Remember, you don't have to choose kitchen lighting made of one thing. Instead, try to find something that will stand out in the space and give it a bold. dramatic touch.

Add Some Rope or Strip-Style Lighting Under Cabinets

Creating some extra light for your cabinets can make fidgeting through your kitchen at night a whole lot easier. New developments in LED lighting has made it easier than ever to install under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else in your home.

Slender strips that hold small LED lights can easily be attached under your cabinets using adhesives or other methods. Rope lighting is another great way to bring a bright light to your kitchen. This lighting is super-easy to install thanks to its flexible, pliable design.

If you want to add even more uniqueness and functionality to your kitchen, try rope or strip LED lighting that changes color. Many brands offer this lighting with a remote control so you can create your own look from a distance. Try some LED strip lights under the cabinets for a fun, bright glow that also makes that midnight snack easy to obtain.

Another way to use this type of lighting to your advantage is to install it around the bottom section of your cabinets. It's a great way to brighten up a counter area or bar for a fun, illuminated look. For more ideas, try: http://ellumiglow.com/event-lighting/architectural-lighting to discover some unique architectural lighting suggestions.

Be Bold with Kitchen Chandeliers

If you're really looking for a way to make an impact in your kitchen, consider an LED chandelier. These multi-light accents will bring brightness over a sink, island, or the center of the room thanks to their large, dynamic design.

The style of chandelier you choose can be anything from glamorous and luxe to rustic or contemporary. Hang a sputnik chandelier in your kitchen to create a mid-century modern vibe. These unique lights use a lot of bulbs, which means your kitchen will be exceptionally bright when you turn it on.

For an understated look, try a multi-light chandelier made with a wood and metal frame. This design is perfect for rustic or farmhouse-inspired homes. Browse the vast array of LED chandeliers available so you can find the perfect choice to fit in your space.

Go Minimalist with Flush and Semi-Flush Lighting

If you have a smaller kitchen, consider installing a flush or semi-flush mount LED light. This form of lighting gets its name due to the close proximity to the ceiling. It's a great way to get energy-efficient lighting in the kitchen without the intrusive size.

You can find intricate and decorative lighting featured in a semi-flush format, too. Just shop for the basic designs you love, and filter your search by the mount style. It's a good way to enjoy the style you prefer without something that might be too large for your specific space.

An LED flush-mount light is a perfect solution to dark kitchens. Install several throughout the space such as over the sink, the island, and the cabinets to get a bright space you'll love to use.

Make Your Kitchen Bright

No matter what your style is, LED kitchen lighting provides you with a modern, energy-efficient solution. Whether it's small lights under the cabinets or an awe-inspiring chandelier, you'll find a vast array of LED lighting designed for today's modern homes.

Brainstorm a few ideas to decide which style lighting will work best in your kitchen for the perfect level of illumination.

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