Kitchen Cabinets Details That Make You Say "WOW"

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, April 9th, 2021 at 10:41am.

If you're looking to redecorate your home, you need to pay attention to your kitchen. In most modern homes, the kitchen is open, occupying a central location right next to the living area. 

There's just no way around paying attention to the kitchen, its interior, and specifically the kitchen cabinets if you want your interior design to look a certain way. However, making your kitchen look beautiful or well thought out doesn't just mean you need to invest in expensive cabinets or do a total makeover. 

In this article, we'll talk about all the details that will make your kitchen stand out and leave a great impression on your guests! 

1. Steel Cabinets 

Who says cabinets have to just be made out of wood or similar materials? Having Steel cabinets means your kitchen would have a sleek, industrial look, and a hidden advantage of these kinds of cabinets is that they're very easy to clean.  

Silver Refrigerator Kitchen

Many people are opting for this style, especially people who are a fan of minimalist decor. 

2. Contrasting Colors 

If you want to go against the grain and do something unique with your kitchen, try making the cabinets different colors. Gone are the days when kitchens were stacked with boring, monochrome colors. Now, it's all about leaving an impression and doing something fun. 

Pick any two colors that you like, and alternate between the two in your cabinets, or pick the main theme and make one or two cabinet doors a different color for a more jarring effect. 

You can even go overboard with the number of colors and pick two or three for larger kitchens, but be careful not to pick too many because that will make your kitchen look closed off and stuffy.

3. Glass Cabinets 

In an attempt to do something unique, people are ditching conventional kitchen cabinet materials for something more unique and different.

Kitchen Cabinets Details

Many homeowners have opted out of getting wooden cabinet doors, and instead, use glass fitted in a wooden frame instead. Glass cabinet doors give your kitchen an airy and roomy feel, and depending on the kind of wood you use you can have your kitchen look either modern or rustic and antique. 

Whatever you do, glass doors for kitchen cabinets are a great touch, especially for the smaller kitchens.

4. Gold Details 

Perhaps one of the most interesting trends in unique kitchen decor is gold details instead of the usual chrome ones. 

You can put copper or brass handles on your kitchen cabinet doors, and even use brass fittings all over your kitchen. Paired with the right colors, they can look stunning.

Kitchen Details

Some of the colors that would go well with gold details are black, navy blue, and several pastel shades like light pink, pastel blue, and light purple. If you want to keep your kitchen simple, it can look great on white, too.

5. Open Shelves 

If your kitchen is a little on the smaller side, there's no need to close it off even more with bulky kitchen cabinets that take up a lot of floor space. Instead, try and keep things open with the help of shelves. 

Shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets can look great, especially if you pick your spice jars and kitchenware with care. If you pick the right kind of jars and glassware, the result is a clean, spacious and beautiful kitchen that looks like a modern witch's lab. 

On the other hand, picking colorful spice jars and kitchenware can leave you with a fun, cheerful kitchen.

6. Surprising Paint Colors 

If you want to change your kitchen up without changing too much about the kitchen cabinets themselves, paint one of the doors a surprising color, or even the kitchen island itself. 

Kitchen Counter Details


A navy blue or olive green table is the last thing one might expect in a kitchen that is all beige and brown, and hot pink isn't exactly the color people think would go well with a black or dark brown interior, but if you pick the style carefully it can make your kitchen stand out in the best way.

7. Mismatched Cabinets 

We talked about making your cabinets different colors, but you can even go one step farther and make them different styles too. 

Many cabinet styles can work really well together, but you'll have to be careful not to make your kitchen look like it's two different kitchens mashed together. 

You can do this by tying the look together, either with the right kind of theme for the kitchen island, a cohesive design for the kitchen counter, and even the wall paint in the kitchen.

8. Patterns and Textures 

Another option to make your kitchen look unique is to use different patterns and textures in the kitchen instead of playing with the colors. Vertical lines make any room look taller and more spacious than it is, and textured surfaces can add some extra depth and dimension to any design. 

You can even keep your kitchen cabinets simple and add the patterns somewhere else, like the kitchen counter or the walls.

9. Color Inside The Cabinets 

If you opt for glass doors on your kitchen cabinets, or even if you don't, it can be a fun surprise to color the inside of the cabinets a different color. 

It works best for kitchens with glass cabinet doors and can take your colorful theme a little farther. Painting the inside of your cabinets a rich, deep red can be a great idea if the door frame of your cabinets is made of deep brown wood. In the same way, you can use any number of colors and variations. 

Making your kitchen stand out doesn't always have to be hard, however. Sometimes all it takes is a dramatic centerpiece placed on the table that commands a lot of attention. Other times, you can just paint some fun, personal details on the cabinets, or go all out and change the whole look entirely!



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