It's A Family Thing (Ep.18) Youthful Energy & Hall Of Fame Agents Collaborate on Real Estate Insights

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, October 31st, 2020 at 8:33am.

Episode 18: It's A Family Thing w/ Celia Iervasi, Ariana DiMattina, & Frank DiMattina

Episode 18 of the Casandra Properties Podcast features ‘Brooklyn in the house’ – with three of our own rock star realtors: Ariana DiMattina, Frank DiMattina, and associate broker Celia Iervasi. Part of the Casandra Properties family, these professionals are from different generations but all are cut from the same the cloth. They all have had success in their own right; they may operate a little different from each other, but are equally driven and united by the same tenacious spirt.

Ariana DiMattina and Frankie DiMattina are native Staten Islanders and two up-and-coming realtors at Casandra Properties. Their parents hail from the Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Their family moved to Staten Island over two decades ago, and their father first opened his first catering hall in Staten Island – the original Ariana’s on New Dorp Lane. The DiMattina Family now owns and operates several catering halls on Staten Island: Ariana’s South,  Ariana’s Loft,  and Ariana’s Grand -- right over the bridge in Woodbridge, NJ.

Frankie laughs – “I wonder where they got the name from.” 

“Well I am the first born,” Ariana replies with a chuckle. 

“My dad worked so hard. He inspired us,” says Frank DiMattina, “but we have to give mom credit mom, too.”

“Yes, the both of them, says Ariana.” “That’s where we got our work ethic – from watching our parents work so hard.”

Growing up on Staten Island, Frankie was active in a number of sports – both on the streets of Staten Island and in organized sports. He played everything, but his favorites were football and basketball; that’s also where he excelled. Ariana enjoyed dancing and cheerleading up through her teenage years. These extracurriculars taught them both a sense of discipline, as well. 

Celia Iervasi is a seasoned broker who has experienced it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Celia was inducted into the Staten Island Board of Realtors’ prestigious Hall of Fame and, over the last ten years, has generated over $100 million dollars in real estate sales, earning her SIBOR’s Gold Top Producer Award for the last decade. 

Interestingly, she used to be a hairdresser in a previous life before getting into real estate. She says that years ago, a friend on hers on her block starting talk real estate to her. She started learning about it and she was hooked. Although she came to the real estate industry later than some, Celia Iervasi has had tremendous success with Casandra Properties. Celia is married with three children and is also blessed with six beautiful grandchildren.

James Prendamano also notes how much Celia does for Staten Island – “She has had a profound impact on the community. ‘Charities, fundraisers, non-profits,’ he says. ‘Celia spends a tremendous amount of her time back and raising money for various organizations and causes.’ On a warm and personal note, James also notes how much Celia Iervasi has done for him over the years for his own development. 

Great Advice for First-Time Homebuyers . . . 

For first-time buyers, Celia advises: Slow it down. Take your time. There is no need to rush. Rates are low and staying low. 

You have to be realistic. You may have ten things you think you need in your home. Pare that down. See what you can live with, what you can put off until later. Do you need updated kitchen, marble countertops, fireplace, inground pool, two-car garage, wrap-around porch? Make some concessions where you can. 

Advice for New Agents or those Interested . . .

Don’t give up. Things will get tough – the markets, a coronavirus, a hurricane – or deals will just die because that’s what happens in real estate because so many factors are involved. Learn from it and carry on. Do not give up. You need a thick skin to be a realtor, says Celia Iervasi. Everyone agrees.

On Technology, Social Media . . .

“Once you master the social media game and realize it’s all about the clicks, it’s easy.”

~ Frankie DiMattina

“I see you’re using the ‘hub and spoke’ approach to social media that we all learned through our e-Pro courses this spring. I like that a lot,” says Jams Prendamano.

Frankie and Ariana remark that the social media is second nature to them, as they had their first smart phones while they were practically still kids.

Ariana DiMattina adds that “about 90% of all residential real estate transactions start with a click.”

“I’ve come a long way and learned a lot from them,” Celia Iervasi jokes.

Some other great quotes from our host and guests from this episode . . .

“When it gets tough, always take the high road.”

~ Celia Iervasi 

“I am my worst critic, but every day I try to do a little bit better.”

~ Celia Iervasi

“The hardest person to face in the world is you – when you’re alone with your thoughts.”

~ James Prendamano

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

~Ariana DiMattina 

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