Townhouses come with the benefits of a community that is tighter knit, less hassle, but more compact. The line of homes that all come together can seem overbearing unless you get good neighbors, in which case you can bond at cookouts and parties. Townhouses also come with HOAs, which is another thing to keep in mind.

Here are the pros and cons of townhouse living.

Is a townhouse a good investment

Pros of Living In a Townhouse

The pros of living in a townhouse start with the upkeep. Townhome landscaping is often paid for by the community through an HOA. The HOA allocates funds for every set amount of days to have the landscapers come out and upkeep the grounds.

This can save you hot days out in the sun.

The benefit of living in a townhouse with a family is that there are often activities in the neighborhood to keep them occupied. This could mean a pool, basketball court, or even an activity center.

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Cons of Living In a Townhouse

The disadvantages of living in a townhouse start with the closeness to neighbors. This is a gamble, as the neighbors that you are seated next door are the ones that you have to share walls with.

If they are noisy, have small children, or the construction of the home wasn't done properly, you can be up all night with no control over the situation. You're also unlikely to have a yard, meaning that green space is going to be limited. 

HOA Pros

HOAs come down to the people that are running them. Those that do a great job of HOA upkeeping ensures that your house retains value in the long run. There's no worry about an unkempt neighbor making it hard to resale.

Townhomes are also often kept in gated communities these days, which also stems from the HOA. This makes the site more secure than if anybody could just drive into the neighborhood. Often, this HOA fee can even go to keeping security in the community at all times.

HOA Cons

HOA cons can also stem from the people running them. You might have HOA officers that enforce the strictest of mandates possible, leading to a home that doesn't feel like home.

For instance, you might not be allowed to park in the street of the home, but only have a garage that holds one car and then a driveway. This can lead to frustrating times when you need to park in the street to let out the other car, as the other car leaves earlier than you.

The Pros and Cons of Townhouse Living: Key Takeaways

The pros and cons of townhouse living will differ from person to person. Where one family may see HOAs as a good thing, others might shy away. Research the community ahead of time to decide if townhouse living is the right thing for your family.

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