Industrial Accidents: What's Considered an Industrial Accident?

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If you do manual work like plumbing, building, or even cooking, you might consider some injuries to be part of your job. It's true that long days in blue-collar jobs cause aches and pains. Some injuries incurred at work are more serious than the day-to-day ordeal and often are considered industrial accidents.

What's an industrial accident mean for you? In some cases, industrial accidents certified by a physician give you the right to paid leave or other compensation from your state and/or employer. 

Without the right information, it's impossible to know what's considered an industrial accident and what's a common workplace injury. That's exactly why you should read this quick and easy industrial accident information.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents vs. Other Workplace Injuries

From a simple papercut to grisly tragedies, laborers suffer injuries in the workplace every day. With such a wide spectrum of injury, how do you tell an industrial accident from another sort of injury?

An industrial accident is what it sounds like: The 1948 Factories Act defines an industrial accident as "an occurrence in an industrial establishment causing bodily injury to a person who makes him unfit to resume his [, her, or their] duties in the next 48 hours."

So, minor injuries aren't covered, but that doesn't mean that all major injuries that happen on the job are. There are many causes of industrial accidents, but they only count as industrial accidents or injuries in the legal sense under certain circumstances. 

Who's to Blame for Industrial Accidents?

A true industrial accident in the technical sense is caused by unsafe work conditions. If scaffolding collapses underneath you and you break your leg, that's an industrial accident. If you're ordered to pick up your coworkers' slack at your warehouse job and end up with a back injury, that's an industrial accident.

While hurting yourself while goofing off or not paying attention is technically an accident at an industrial workplace, injuries that are your fault don't count as industrial accidents. This is why it's of the highest importance to report the incident to your employer and to be seen by a doctor as soon as you can.

Can You Seek Compensation for an Industrial Injury?

Industrial injuries entitle you to compensation when your workplace is found to be at fault. If you've had an industrial accident, it's wise to consult with a lawyer to see if legal action is right for you.

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Now that you know the basics of industrial accidents, you can advocate for yourself and others. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you can get the compensation you deserve.

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