In With the New: Top Home Trends and Design Tips to Know for 2020

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at 8:23am.

Did you know that the average homeowner spends around $60,400 on renovations?

From learning the most recent trends from the Land of the Rising Sun to bringing back wicker in your bathroom, there are tons of ideas you need to embrace while redesigning your home.

Are you planning on upgrading your home so it feels fresh and trendy? In this article, we'll look at some of the best home trends and design tips you need to know for 2020.

Top Home Trends and Designs to Know for 2020

1. Neutrals Are Becoming Warmer

In 2019, we saw the rise of neutrals in the home. Everyone seemed to be deciding upon interiors that were white upon white. 

Although neutral tones are still popular, the colors are changing in 2020! You will see many darker, earthen tones. 

These colors are much warmer, making your home feel cozier and a lot more comfortable. Choose dark oranges, pinks, and golds instead of just white, black or grey.

2. Tell Your Own Personal Story

Last year, the most popular design option was to religiously follow the latest trends. This year, interior design is moving towards functionality and personality. 

You will find that people are losing interest in the monochromatic look. Instead, fill your home with pieces from your personal travels. Put your life on display!

Include paintings that you bought in Tehran, rugs that you found in Morocco, and artwork made for you by friends or family. Your home should be a celebration of you and your family.

3. Japan is the Height of Fashion

How many of your friends are heading to Japan for a vacation? This Asian country has dominated headlines and wellness guides recently with titles teaching us how to live fully with less.

Now, we're being encouraged to welcome Japan into our homes too. Think lots of natural materials, such as wood and paper. You'll also require lots of greenery too! 

Why not buy a beautiful low dining room table that enables you to sit on the floor? By sitting on the floor, you'll stretch your legs, hips, and pelvis. This will help to keep them supple for years to come!

If you're committed to the Japanese interior design style, then consider buying a bed that is also low to the ground. They look aesthetically pleasing and are beautifully minimalist. As a result, your bedroom will look larger and more serene. 

4. Don't Forget the Plants

Plants are still en vogue. Even if you don't have a green thumb, it's worth investing in some greenery.

Either ask your local garden center which species are impossible to kill or invest in some fake plants. 

Seeing greenery reminds you of the great outdoors. As a result, it boosts your mood. Plants also help to regulate the humidity in your home. 

By bringing plants into your home, you'll notice that you will feel calmer and happier! Better yet, they're very trendy this year.

5. Single Prints are Everywhere

Mix and matching prints is out. Instead, choose to decorate a room in just one single print. From the walls to the furniture, everything should look the same to be on-trend.

Although this certainly sounds odd, when you see this design in person, you'll be surprised by how fashionable and downright cool this trend can look!

Of course, you may need the help of an interior designer to get the print spot on. You don't want something overpowering which makes sitting in a room unpleasant. But, you don't want a boring print that doesn't show off that you're super on-trend.

6. Wicker and Rattan Furniture 

Do you have any wicker furniture hiding away in your loft? It's time to bring it back down and enjoy this old-fashioned trend once more. 

From tables to chairs, wicker furniture is very fashionable for 2020. You don't need to leave it on the back porch any longer. 

Not only does this work with tables and chairs, but also for lampstands. If you don't want to fully commit to this trend, choose a few decorative wicker elements. 

Consider blinds that are made from rattan. While updating your home interiors, why not also consider a window replacement in Richmond VA?

7. Fun Bathroom Designs

Out goes the plain, boring bathroom. In its place comes a bathroom that has funky wallpaper, interesting colored porcelain, or even added artwork. 

You may want to mix trends and add a plant to your bathroom. Choose a species that can handle humidity, such as aloe vera or a snake plant.

Consider adding a wicker or rattan basket to your bathroom too! Then, paint any other furniture you have in your bathroom in interesting colors. 

Choose dark colors for your bathroom with lighter artwork. Opt for appealing nature scenes to remind you of calming walks in the countryside.

8. Add Some Artwork to Your Kitchen

For any utilitarian cooks, artwork will have no place in the kitchen. But, if you're like Carrie Bradshaw and only use your oven to store shoes, then you'll want to embrace this trend.

Choose anything from sculpture to old-fashioned paintings. Why not go for a modern art piece or a self-portrait of a close family member or friend?

2020 Home Trends and Design are Easy to Follow

Unlike many previous years, home trends and design tips for 2020 are cozy, beautiful, and easy to love! 

Start small by adding rattan blinds, a few plants, and artwork in your kitchen and bathroom. Then, move onto bigger trends such as low dining tables and warm neutral colors.

Have you enjoyed learning all about the trends of this year? Check out the rest of the website for more intriguing content! 


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