By Brian McGowan

With the economy changing rapidly and the job market being extremely competitive, it’s no wonder that more New York City residents are trying their hand at entrepreneurship.

It takes a special type of individual to become an entrepreneur.  That person has to be willing to gamble on his/herself and risk everything s/he has to become successful.  The risk is high, but so are the rewards.

Entrepreneurs tend to be visionaries.  They look way past the here and now and far into the future, setting their goals for success along the way.  As a real estate agent, I understand what it is like to fly without a safety net, continuously setting goals for success.  When I achieve them, there is no feeling like it in the world.  When I fall short, it’s as if a black cloud has surrounded me – threatening to swallow up all my hopes.

While the stress level for an entrepreneur is elevated, the rewards are great.  Creating a plan for success and seeing it through is probably the most rewarding thing an individual can do.

If you have what it takes to start your own business then we have the Staten Island commercial space for you.

Whether you are seeking small office space, office suites or retail space, I can fit you into the perfect space to grow your business.

Understanding the expense of moving your business into a Staten Island commercial space is important for success.  When choosing your space know your budget.  Consider whether you must have a first floor space to attract walk-in traffic or if you can achieve your goals and save money by taking a smaller space on an upper floor with an exterior sign to mark your spot.

Not all businesses require the same amount of visibility for success.  For instance, a clothing shop does best in a highly pedestrian trafficked, first floor storefront with large windows where well designed fashion vignettes will attract customers off the street.  That type of commercial space is often the most expensive. A law or real estate office is more likely to find its clients through digital advertising or word of mouth so the expense of the coveted first floor windowed storefront is not warranted.

Fitting your business into the proper location is important.  Call me today at 718 816-7799 or email me if you are seeking Staten Island commercial space.