How Working With Professional Home Buyers In New York Works

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 at 2:55pm.

Most people in New York think that it’s necessary to list the house, hire an agent, wait for a buyer, and pay a commission when selling their homes. The truth is that there’s a much simpler way of doing that. If you’re looking for the best way of selling your house, you’d want to consider professional home buyers. Working with a direct home buyer helps you keep more money in your pocket than you ever would have received by using a real estate agent's services.

Cash home buyers on Long Island and other parts of New York, like the rest of your options, have their good and bad. One advantage of going with them, however, is that they offer more benefits.

Read on to find out how working with professional home buyers in New York works.

Home Buyers In NYC

  1. Home Buyers Purchase Homes As-is

Sellers don’t have to worry about repairs or any additional expenses they weren’t planning on before closing the sale. That’s due to the fact that professional home buyers in New York usually purchase homes as-is. What makes the whole process a truly as-is transaction is that these companies don’t require inspections before buying your property.

  1. Home Buyers Cover All Of The Escrow Costs

When a seller concludes a sale with a cash home buyer in New York, the company pays all of the closing costs. They aren’t going to ask you for any of that money back. Any expenses that may pop up down the line they’ve already worked into their offer.

Professional home buyers often work with trusted escrow companies. They utilize the escrow process in every transaction. They’re prepared to cover the costs for you.

  1. Homeowners Sell Without Commission

When you work with professional home buyers, you’ll not have to worry about selling fees or any commissions. The contrary happens when you opt to sell your property with a New York real estate agent. Commissions are usually around six percent of the final sale price. That means if you’re selling your home for $200,000, you’re looking at an instant $12,000 that goes directly to your agent. That’s definitely a considerable amount of money that you won’t have to factor in with cash home buyers.

  1. Home Buyers Purchase In Cash

The cost of purchasing a house is huge. Many people prefer doing it in installments. That’s the reason why it’s easy to find willing individuals ready to buy your property, but not all of them would offer you the full amount.

Professional home buyers, on the other hand, buy houses in cash. They’ll give you the full amount of money you both agreed on when the deal gets done and dusted. You can safely plan how you’d want to use the funds even before actually receiving it since you’re sure that they’ll pay it to you.

Not receiving the entire amount that was agreed upon on the deal complicates the process since the client can lose their job or any source of income. If that happens, they’ll likely fail to pay the installments. On top of that is the inconvenience, especially if you really need the entire sum.

Working With Buyers In NYC

  1. Sellers Can Enjoy Extended Occupancy

Most cash home buyers allow a move-out time frame after the closing of the deal. It will allow sellers to relocate at their own pace. Professional home buyers aren’t expecting to move into the house on the day of closing. Remember that they’re in it for the investment or their house flipping goals. Extended occupancy is beneficial for sellers, especially considering how quick the closing time frames can be. Cleaning of the house may not even be necessary. Sellers can simply pack their personal items. They can include the furniture they want to bring with them and leave the rest of their belongings. It’s really up to them.

  1. No Closing Costs

Closing costs are associated with selling your house traditionally in New York. These costs cover title insurance, transfer tax, title search, and other things related to the sale. It’s about 2% of the actual sale price. That’s another $4,000 down the drain if your property sells for $200,000. When you sell your home directly to professional home buyers in New York, they’ll take care of the costs for you. That’s another one less thing sellers have to think about when opting for this method.


With a direct sale to professional home buyers, you’ll have peace of mind even before the deal is closed. They’ll make you an offer, purchase your home as-is, and cover all costs. You don’t even have to worry about commissions. Working with professional home buyers, indeed, is the most convenient way to sell your property in New York.


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