How to Landscape Your Yard: The Best Tips and Ideas

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, February 14th, 2020 at 8:07am.

Spring is fast approaching and a lot of you have big goals for your yards and property. Your biggest hurdle is that you don't know how to landscape your yard.

Try these tips and be the envy of your neighborhood. 


Do you have centerpieces or points of interest in your yard? If you look outside, you might see a worn-down path of grass between them.

Create small stepping stones between the points of interest on your lawn. This is an easy task that requires a small digging shovel to create pockets to place your path materials.

You can use stone, marble, or brick to make a durable path, but it should coordinate with the color and texture of your house.

Your new path to the firepit will have visual appeal and pragmatic purpose.

Replace the Grass

There's nothing to be ashamed of with a beautiful yard of grass. Families love having a safe soft spot for kids to play.

Sometimes too much grass becomes a task that eats up your free weekends. Replacing the grass with other fixtures eliminates the need to mow there.

Pick areas that are generally tough to mow like the entrance of a sidewalk. Cover the general area with mulch and plant low-growing shrubs. You want your maintenance to be as minimal as possible.

Your yard should be a constant place of relaxation, not a reminder to mow every week.

How to Landscape Your Yard With Evergreens

A simple action to give your property life is to add evergreens. Whether the plants are grown from seeds or imported juveniles, evergreens add life to your yard.

Evergreen shrubs and trees last all year long adding color and wildlife to your home every season. Chipmunks love to make their nests in spruce trees.

For people looking for patterns and textures, evergreen plants can complement any forms you're trying to achieve. Take inventory of your plants and how they look. Decide where a fir tree fits best.

Dead Trees

A beautiful yard is easily ruined by the sight of a dead or dying tree. It's time to walk into the shed and look for your hatchet and chainsaw.

Small trees are easy to remove, but the bigger trees require some safety and bigger tools. You will need safety gear including gloves, a hard hat, and eye protection. Your chainsaw should be oiled and the teeth sharpened.

Make sure your cuts allow the tree to fall away from a house or garage.

It's highly recommended you hire a professional tree service to handle potentially dangerous trees and branches.

Curved Lines

When you edge the garden this year, make sure you use curved lines instead of straight. The curved lines add character and flair to your garden.

It's a simple task that will look like a million dollars and cost you half an afternoon.

Start Planning

It's never too early to plan how to landscape your yard. Make your neighbors and friends think you've taken landscaping courses.

For more information on all your property needs, check out our website and all the great resources.


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