How to Improve Security in Your Construction Site

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, August 21st, 2020 at 10:18pm.

Did you know that the total value of stolen equipment in a construction site is up to $1 billion every year? With so much theft occurring, it is important to learn how to deter burglars from stealing anything. 

We have put together this list with the strategies that you can use to keep theft to a minimum or not at all. 

Construction Site Security

Keep the Construction Site Well Lit 

A great way to deter any thieves from coming on the property is to keep it well lit especially at nighttime. When it is dark, it will make it easier for burglars to sneak around the site to see what you have. 

This is one of the easiest steps you can take to keep your site safe. Theives always want to remain unseen so keeping your site illuminated will keep them from hanging around or even coming nearby.

Surveillance System

Instead of setting up a surveillance system that is hidden, opt for one that is as noticeable as possible. Make it known that your site is being monitored at all times. Go the extra mile and install motion sensors that light up when anyone walks up.

Setting up systems like will allow you to see the activity going on in your site in real-time. You can opt for a plan that alerts you when there is any movement detection on the camera which will allow you to alert the authorities immediately. 

Clean Up

At the end of the day take the time to make sure that all of the equipment and materials are out of sight. You'd be surprised how many people decide to just leave everything in plain view, which makes it easy for thieves to see what you have and tempt them to steal what they see.

If you are not able to lock up your tools then you might want to consider taking them home at night and having each employee take their own tools home. Another option is to rent a portable storage unit that you can lock up every night with all the tools and materials.

Install Fencing

If your job site allows you to install temporary fences around the site, then take the time to do this and add a gate to lock up at the end of the night. A fence that is at least eight feet tall will make it difficult for anyone to climb over it. 

Make sure that there is only one entry into the construction site to make it easier to monitor who comes in and comes out. 

Ready to Level Up Your Security?

Now that you have our top ways to increase security at your construction site, you can implement all or some of the strategies above. The last thing you want is for tools and materials to come up missing which will not only cost you more money but will delay your project. 

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